Can’t have an underarm sweat free? It is so frustrating. Gosh!!! The whole day with the same clothes, 9-5 office hours, traffic roads, pollution and complimentary with this is the sun!!! Heat is so not tolerable when it comes to being a lady. Everything feels sweaty, salty, untidy and ruined. 

You might have tried a lot of sweat patches’ hack for the summers. Some might have worked some might have not. Do not worry, we too had those days. We used to hanker most of our days finding solutions to how to reduce sweat patches, or about tips to stay away from sweat patches, etc.

There were days when my search history was completely stocked with all the ways to keep your underarm sweat free. But lucky we have come up with some of the effective tips to stay away from sweat patches. And hence, in this article, we will be providing you with some of the sweat patches’ hack for the summer that you can try to have a underarm sweat free. 

Sweat Free Underarm
Sweat Free Underarm

Amazing Hacks to Keep Underarm Sweat Free

This is indeed a must that every girl should know. Here are 8 ways to stay away from sweaty underarms.

1. Top to bottom, make it cotton

There are certain summer and winter things. Will you think of wool in summers? No right? When we think of summers it is always cotton that lures our mind and body. Cotton in itself is a summer thing. Cotton is one such material that allows your skin to breathe. 

They also let your sweat dry up pretty quick. Whereas, synthetic fibers like rayon and polyester traps sweat as well as the odor. This implies, they can become extremely smelly. For a safer zone, you can also put on an undershirt if the day is scorching hot and you are prone to heavy sweating. 

2. Carry Wipes 

Wipes are another great help in the summer. Whenever you go out of your home, adding wipes to your daily handbag must carry essentials. You can go for some wet wipes or even dry wipes will work. Bloating wipes are the best that you can look for. They achieve great work in keeping your underarms free of sweat and odor. Depending on how frequent you sweat, rub your pits every 2-3 hours with these wipes. With this, you can have a clean armpit and you will also save your clothes from any stain and odor.

Carry Wipes
Carry Wipes 

3. Pantyliners, we heart you

Can’t relate? Pantyliners and sweat patches’ hack for the summers!!! Yes, pantyliners can touch wonders. All you have to do is, get a pantyliner and stick them to the inside of your outfit. Stick them to your armpit zone.

Now, with this, you can stop worrying about sweat patches, stains, and odors. You can also lift your hands without being conscious about that. No one will get to know that you are sticking something over there. They are so small but work amazingly.

4. Get some sleeveless girl

How can you miss something like sleeveless? Summer is all you will get to wear them. They are not only trendy but will save you a lot from looking sweaty and stained. You will also sweat and spread sweat less than usual because there is no cloth triggering sweat under your pits.

5. Keep it groomed

This comes under hygiene for a lady. You should shave your underarms well. Grooming frequently will not only keep your armpits hair free but will also prevent any bacteria from growing there. Hair tends to absorb sweat and stain your clothes, which is why you should keep your underarms well-groomed and clean.

6. Get some unlined bras over padded

Stop making your breast look bigger. Time to focus on how to reduce sweat patches so you should give a try to unlined bras. When you cover yourself with thick clothes, you are more likely to sweat. These unlined bras are very thin and will prevent you from sweaty underarms.

7. Lemon juice

They are stain removers that you can use to free your clothes from sweat stains. Take a tablespoon of lemon juice, and mix it with some water. Now pour the solution to your clothes’ stained zone and rub them. Wash properly and you will get no stained clothes back again. 

All the above ‘Sweat patches’ hack for the summers’ work brilliantly. Give a try and get to know how it works. For an amazing summer experience check the link here.

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