Is Your Husband Still In Love With You

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Khadija Rahman
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Does my husband still love me? They say love withers away after marriage. Once the honeymoon period is over and the couple gets used to each other, the spark dies away. However, that is not the case for everyone. There are little tell-tale signs that scream, ‘I LOVE YOU!’

It is quite easy to maintain relationships if both of you are committed and make efforts. Here are some signs that will remind you that your husband is still very much in love with you.

Husband protects you

Being protective has to be one of the cutest things that a guy does. You are lucky if your husband makes you feel safe and comfortable. It can be something as little as putting his arm around your shoulders or navigating you through a crowd. 

He is patient with you

We ladies know we can be unreasonable sometimes, especially around the time of the month. But instead of getting angry, if your husband listens to you and calms you down, he is a keeper! However, that does not mean it is okay to lose your cool on your partner. 

He compliments you

The second most important C in marriages after Communication is Compliments! Ladies love to be appreciated. If your man notices when you dress up or get a haircut, he is doing his job correctly! 

He is in-tune with you

Does your husband understand you without you having to speak? This means that you two are in-tune and it should be cherished. Just as long as he is finishing your thoughts and sentences and not your favorite food, he is good to go!

He always includes you in plans

Do you want to know whether your husband enjoys your company? The easiest way to tell is to observe whether you are a part of his plans or not? If he wants you to come along when he is going to meet friends or colleagues, he loves you!

He confides in you

Unlike women, men do not have a lot to say. If he trusts you enough to share tiny details, problems, or even insecurities, then he must really love you!  

He is not secretive around you

I am not suggesting that you should snoop around his phone. But if he lets you answer calls or use his phone or laptop, it means that he does not want anything to be concealed from you. That can only come from a place of trust and love. 

He uses ‘we’ instead of ‘I’

After all, it is the little things that matter the most. If you find your husband using ‘we’ instead of ‘I’ or ‘Me and Her’, then he sure does love you! It means that he truly feels you are one and that he includes you wholeheartedly. 

He wants to see you happy

A happy wife is a happy life! This mantra is true for men who want marital bliss. If your guy goes out of his way to make you happy, know that you are indeed fortunate. 

He does not mind compromising

Marriages are built on compromises. While women also compromise, men are not expected to do it as much. It means that he is ready not to have things his way if it makes you happy. 

He knows what you like

Usually, we women know what our man likes. But it is nice to know if your man is also aware of your likes and dislikes. Even if it is something small, like remembering your favorite ice cream flavor, it is enough to make you go aww!

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He wants to help you

There is so much to do around the house. Whether it is laundry, paying the bills, or watering the plants, the list is never-ending. It is nice when the husband offers to help out and reduce the load when he could have easily escaped. 

He respects you 

Marriage is so much more than two people making promises and then living together. There are adjustments, comprises, arguments, etc. But if he is respectful and listens to your point-of-view, you chose the right partner!

There are so many signs that tell you that your partner is in love with you! It is always good to be reminded that you are loved and appreciated. Although the signs we mentioned are tell-tale signs, the absence of it does not mean that he doesn’t love you. Every relationship works differently. As long as the people in the marriage are working together, it will too. 

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