Dreams are fascinating. They take us to the corners of our minds when someone dreaming about you that we didn’t know existed. Dreams show us a part of ourselves that we were never aware of. They put us in moments that often go unnoticed in our waking life. What is that about dreams that keep us hooked?

Since the time of Aristotle, people have been trying to find the meaning of dreams. Some are of the opinion that dreams are the windows to our unconscious mind and it is the place where our aggressive and socially undesirable impulses find solace whereas other schools of thought consider the symbols in dreams as non-universal and meaningless, to the extent that some people consider dream interpretation as meaningless.

However, there is no denying the fact, there is something very interesting about our dreams that show us parts of ourselves that we are too afraid to see. Dreams are like watching an uncensored and unfiltered movie about your own waking life. Hence, we continue to stay interested and curious about what the little things in our dreams actually mean.

Additionally, there are times when other people tell us “Oh! I saw you in my dream last night!” What does it mean if someone dreams about you? And, what does it mean to be in someone else’s dream? Is there any particular meaning that can be assigned to someone dreaming about you? 

If these questions have been crossing your mind, keep reading ahead to find out the answers.

Meanings of Someone Dreaming About You

Dreams show to us the unexplored world of imagination. And, as reflective of our waking life, we are hardly alone in our dreams. Our dreams are always accompanied by people. Sometimes, the characters of the palace of our sleep are too strange. We are left awestruck by the people we see in our dreams. Sometimes it is the ex that you thought you had actually moved on with and on other days you will see your dead grandmother. Why does it happen so?

Dreaming About You
Dreaming About You

It is more common than not to see strangers in your dreams too. Here is a surprising fact: Our brains are actually not capable of making up new faces, hence all the strangers that you see in your dreams are people whom you have witnessed in real life too. But, maybe because the interaction was so small that you didn’t register it completely, think of the stranger on the bus, your brain catches a glimpse of their face and plays it in your dreams.

Now, imagine, thousands of strangers who must have seen your face in their dreams. Seems like an interesting thought to feed to your brain on the days when you just can’t fall asleep. Thank us later!

Dream experts are of the opinion that there are certain heuristics, that is, rules of thumb that you can apply to find out the reason and answer behind what happens when someone dreams about you. The rules of thumb of some rationale behind dream analysis say that when someone dreams about you, it is more often about them and not you. Similarly, when you see somebody else in your dream either as the protagonist or the sidekick in your dream – that character in the dream says more about you than them. 

Is Someone Dreaming About You?

When someone dreams about you, it can be interpreted in a variety of ways depending on a variety of factors. Read ahead to find out how.

1. Day Residue

There are high chances of someone dreaming about you when you spend a lot of time with them during the day. When you stay with a person during a day and on the same day you ended up making some emotionally charged memories, there is a high possibility that this person will see you again in their dreams. This phenomenon is called a “day residue” where your brain keeps spinning to you whatever data entered into it during the day.

2. Associations

When someone dreams about you, it means that there is something about you that they are associating with themselves and their own personality. For instance, if your junior at work dreams of you, it means that that junior wants to associate themselves with the power and talent that you possess at work.

Let’s take another radical example, if someone dreams about you and sees you like the character who is strangling them – it might mean that the relationship that both of you share is becoming too suffocating for this person as if this person is limiting themselves in some area of their life. This “limiting trait” of that person is manifested in the dream through you by the way of you strangling them.

3. Attached Emotions

The memory center of the brain and the emotion center of the brain evolved in the same area of the brain and in a parallel way at the same rate and time. It is because our memories are emotionally laden. All of our memories have some or the other emotion attached to them – which actually serves as a survival factor. If you don’t feel scared by the memory of seeing an ad about cancer awareness, you might pick up smoking.

Similarly, when someone is dreaming about you it means that they may have experienced some emotions in their waking life which reminded their unconscious brain of you, and now that is being manifested through their dreams.

For example, if you are a very kind person, and this person witnessed an act of kindness suddenly on their way to work, like a kid helping an old person cross the street, there are high chances that the brain will shot back the memories of you being a kind person in this person’s mind and that’s how you appear in the dream.

Let us take another example. If your ex is currently in a happy romantic relationship with their partner, and if they dream about you – it does not necessarily mean that they have feelings left for you. In all probability, it means that their current partner reminded their brain of you which becomes visible in the dreams.

These similar factors and heuristics apply when you start dreaming about a person. More often than not, it is not about that other person but you. For example, if you see somebody criticizing you in your dream, it means that your unconscious self is becoming critical of your own behavior and actions. Isn’t that interesting to think about? We are all a bit self-obsessed in our dreams too! 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What does it mean when you dream about a person you like?

A. It means that you want to be with that person. It can be infatuation, attraction, or fascination.

Q. Why does my crush keep coming in my dreams?

A. It happens because your crush is at the top of your mind and it is completely normal.

Q. What does it mean when you dream about someone repeatedly?

A. It can be infatuation or anxiety.

Q. If someone dreams about me, does it mean I am on their mind?

A. Yes, they can dream about you only if they think about you.

Q. What do romantic dreams mean?

A. Consider your dream's actions and emotions. Your intuition may be advising you to confront a problem in your relationship or it may suggest doing more of what makes you happy.