Have you been dreaming about someone recently? There may be some reasons behind your dreams about that person. Dreams are mysterious and intriguing in so many ways. We all have woken up in the morning with thoughts like, “What on earth did I dream last night?” or “What was that all about?” The true purpose of dreams is yet to be uncovered.  

What Are Dreams?

In earlier times like during the time of first civilizations, dreams were thought of as a medium between humans and the gods. With time, several theories have been given by scientists and psychologists for thousands of years now. In general terms, dreams are a way of our subconscious mind expressing itself. Dreams occur during REM sleep which is achieved almost after 90 minutes of sleep.

The infamous psychologist, Sigmund Freud said that dreams reveal our repressed wishes which we are not able to fulfill. The repressed wishes may be from any part of your life. Apart from this theory, there are many other theories with different explanations for dreams. 

What Dreams Could Mean?

If you have been having dreams about someone, it might be due to numerous reasons. In most cases, when you keep thinking or talking about someone for quite some time, you may have dreams about that person. Or if you had some deep thoughts about that person before going to bed, you can end up dreaming about that person. 

1. Dreaming About Someone You Like or Attracted to 

When we like someone, we spend a lot of time thinking and fantasizing about that person. So, this might be one of the main reasons for dreaming about that person. The question is what happens in the dream. Was it a good and positive dream or Was it a dream where you felt bad? 

Positive in the sense if the person in your dream shared the same feelings as you, then it means you are confident that this person will like you back and you see a possible relationship with the person. If you felt bad like if the person ignored you or rejected you, it means you aren’t sure about how the person will react if you ever approach that person. 

2. Dreaming About Someone Famous

The most common meaning behind dreaming about famous people is that subconsciously you also want to achieve something big in life. However, if the famous person in your dreams is dead, it means you may have given up the dreams for your life. 

3. Dreams About Someone Dying

Dreaming about someone dying is scary and we do not feel good after such a dream. You need not get scared as that person will not die in real life. Dreams are not premonitions exactly; they are just our subconscious mind digging up our inner feelings. Having such dreams may mean that you fear losing something that you currently have in life. It may also indicate that there may be some changes in your life in any aspect. 

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4. Dreaming About Someone Unknown

Dreaming about someone you never met before feels weird, doesn’t it? It is shocking but true that the unknown person in your dreams may be real. When we go somewhere we come across so many people but, we don’t pay attention to every individual that we pass through. However, subconsciously our minds have captured that person’s image and we end up dreaming about that person. 

Another deeper meaning of seeing an unknown person in your dreams is that the person in your dreams may represent a personality trait of yours. If the person is chasing you, it means you have a fear that someone unknown is scheming against you. If you have a positive dream about this unknown person it means you wish to have someone supportive in your life. 


5. Dreaming About Your Ex

Some may say dreaming about your ex means your mind is telling you to go back to them. That is not true!! Such dreams are a way of your mind trying to mend any unresolved issues with your ex which could not happen in real life. Or if you are currently seeing someone, that person may have some qualities which were present in your ex as well. Well!! If you are wondering how to stop dreaming about your ex then you must stop thinking about him.

Dreams can be considered as a symbolic way of your mind trying to express what you are going through in life or something that you are trying to repress. So, you have nothing to worry about if you have any weird and uneasy dreams. The human brain is fascinating and full of mysteries. It is after all the largest brain of all vertebrates in terms of body size. 

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