Sex Initiation & Females 

Is It Normal For Women To Initiate Sex? 

This is a question we aren’t unaware of in the stereotypical society we inhabit! But the point is, is it really normal? And the answer is yes! It’s quite normal because sex is not something meant just for men. Women have an equal say pertaining to the sexual demands of their bodies. You never know if your partner feels the same. A recent data reveals how men often love the idea of their better half initiate sex! So, it’s time you take the control in your hands, literally hands, and go victorious in the erotic game!!!  These are some things you need to keep in mind before moving forth-


Having portrayed yourself as a ruling woman in all areas of life, yet keeping it shy in the bedroom is not a good deal. Also, men find it equally eroticizing to be controlled as us, they are just shy enough to express it out to you. Many surveys reveal how men love seeming attractive to their better half, and touching and tickling him makes him validate his attractiveness. Men love seeing you crave that carnal pleasure. If you feel like taking the control, just go for it, without overthinking much! 


It’s not about rolling in with the sexiest attire you find at the mall. It’s about understanding and defining sexiness the way you and your partner like it. If you go with the market’s costuming idea and then be dominant on him; it may seem a little funny on your part🙃. So, try to understand your needs and ask your partner how he likes it to be. Then, roll in with the best makeup and dress which makes him go numb! Even if being completely nude appeals to you, go ahead! 


Telling your partner what you want isn’t asking for more! It’s just about being more instrumental in intercourse. It’s quite a turn-on idea for men when their lady guides them about how they like it to be in bed. They find it quite exhilarating when the lady doesn’t seem to be afraid of expressing her needs. So, don’t be afraid while being demanding on the bed. It’s quite a sublimating process to turn him horny as hell. Don’t act nervous and unwilling, if you are the one who initiated it, as that may get him nervous too. Also, tell him how will you retaliate after he is done with his deed. You can even guide his hands and head towards your body. 

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It’s bad to underestimate the power of massage in initiating intercourse! It’s not necessary that he will understand your small hints. Due to a busy day at work, or tensions; he may not understand it. So, try giving him a good massage. And yes, masculine fantasy always includes a happy ending after having taken a massage. Start giving him a gentle rub over the neck or try pressing your hands on his shoulders to ease out the tiredness. Then slowly yet swiftly, start progressing your way downwards. Guide your fingers through his spine, and then, ahead on the thighs, and further to the universally obvious place! Hands or massager, both can work out well for this. 



If you feel like not saying it bluntly, or massaging is something you don’t generally do to each other; then going ahead with rubbing your body is a good idea too. Brushing through his body while cooking together in the kitchen, or smiling at him gently yet in an intimate way would be wise too. While you both are caressing each other on the couch, you can even try rubbing his lower area a little. All these things may set the lights dim for you without even having to utter any word. 

So, these were some tips for all the newcomer boss ladies to initiate sex! Understand the idea of intercourse, and the purpose behind it. You are not just here to lend your womb, you are a rightful member in the relationship, as well as an owner of your body and soul before anyone else. So, do things the way you both like it! 

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