Is Bikini/Brazilian Wax Painful?

Most of the women probably wish to go to a beach with their dream bikini and be all free and feel the water through their bodies. How you choose to remove your pubes or even whether you wish to or not is wholly dependent on your choice.

While it’s your choice, there is no argument on Brazilian wax is the fastest, causing less itchiness and a way to smooth things below down there. So if you opt for the same technique to smoothen your skin down, here are some secrets that your bikini waxer could tell you before you lie down on the table.

Secrets About Bikini Wax

Here are some of the major points that you should know about bikini wax

1. Nobody is Judging

No one is going to judge your vagina. The most sensitive part a woman feels while having wax down there is how might it look down there. They see all kinds of colour and sizes on a daily basis, their job is to make you feel better and wax it down there, and not judge your vagina for some competition!

2. Not as bad as you think

If you’re a first-timer and anticipating that the pain is gonna be excruciatingly bad, well obviously bikini wax isn’t a paid trip but it is probably going to be better than what you think. It is natural for a newbie to anticipate high levels of pain, the buildup of anticipation is the worst part. However, it is highly dependent on your waxer. If you are seeing a pro, the act itself will be much faster and can also come to be much less painful. 

3. Considerable Tidiness

You should come in a tidy manner, like brushing your teeth for the dental exam but more along the lines of preparing for your annual exam with the Gynaecologists. Bikini Waxer say that the drier the area to be waxed is, the better shall the wax adhere to it and so will be the results, better! 

4. Go easy on the booze

A glass of wine to temper your nerves before is one thing. But showing up plastered is a different story. Don’t come into your appointment drunk, it will only make your blood thinner and more sensitive to pain, 

5. Pee before your appointment

If you’re nervous, pre wax jitters can lead to a nervous bladder. Make a pit stop in the powder room first because undressing and then redressing once you realize you have to go slows things down and adds more hassle for you. Oftentimes, after disrobing from the waist down for a bikini treatment, you might feel a little colder, which can intensify the need to pee. Also, during certain parts of the treatment your skin is pulled taut, so even a light press on a full bladder can be uncomfortable.

Secrets About Bikini Wax
Secrets About Bikini Wax

6. Don’t shave

Hair needs to be a quarter inch long to be pulled by wax from the hair root. If you shave it off,  it takes three or four weeks for hair to be the best length to be waxed. On those with blond hair, it takes about two to three weeks, while  dark hair takes longer because the roots are stronger! (Well that is a fun fact!)

7. No such thing as being too hairy

A lot of clients get embarrassed about their growth if it’s been a while. But it is absolutely okay and actually the best as it is easier to  rather wax overgrown hair than a two-week-old shave. It’s easier for the specialist and less painful for you!

8. Schedule it at the right time

The timing of your scheduling a wax five days before your menstrual cycle, during, or immediately after, should be avoided. Your body is especially sensitive during this time and If you’re sensitive or it’s your first time getting waxed, you could try these other reader-approved painkillers.

Secrets About Bikini Wax
Secrets About Bikini Wax

9. Say No to workout after wax

It is better to bring less heat and sweat to the area.  You just need to avoid any physical activity for a day after your bikini wax.  The friction can even be created in your yoga pants that is usually tight and hence, might cause irritability. 

10. Be Comfortable

It’s not just yoga pants you might want to avoid. Anything tight-fitting can rub raw spots and make matters worse. Wear something soft and comfortable like maxi dresses and harem pants and breathable cotton fabrics.

11. Express Your Ideas

If you have a specific way or want in which you wish to get your bikini line, don’t be shy! You can be expressive and vocal about it. Transparency is always welcome! 

So be expressive, vocal, comfortable and You! Happy Waxing !

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