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Indian female comedian

The comedy industry in India has been booming lately, and thankfully so! All of us can recite the names of popular comedians on the drop of a hat but how many of us engage with female comedians and their sets? Just like every other industry, women have to work harder to make their own space and establish themselves in the comedy industry in India.

Faced by continuous online trolling and other hateful comments, these Indian female comedians are unstoppable and unabashed when it comes to their talent of tickling the funny bones. Be it Improv, Roast, Comedy sketches, or Instagram reels – these female Indian comedians are killing it everywhere! 

If you still haven’t had the chance of exploring the Indian comedian females’ set, here are our picks! 

Sumukhi Suresh: 

One of the senior members of the Indian comic fraternity, Sumukhi is hilariously funny. Not just her live sets, you will laugh crazily even if you look at her Instagram stories! Mainly into sketch comedy, Sumukhi has acted in various videos of AIB. Her own video series “Behti Naak” had garnered massive popularity.

Sumukhi Suresh was also one of the judges on Amazon’s Comicstaan. Her comedy special on Amazon called “Don’t tell Amma” is still collecting thousands of views. And, who can forget Pushpavalli, the show loved by the audience where she plays the protagonist. She is also one of the co-writers on the show.

Ayushi Jagad: 

She was first seen on the series of Queens of Comedy. With many feathers in her hat as a writer, singer, comic, Ayushi Jagad is one of the most underrated female Indian comedians. Her humor is inspired by the daily mundane lives of women – that always manages to make someone’s day brighter. One of her most hilarious sets on Queens of Comedy on the theme of social comparison taught us the life lesson that “We’re all somebody’s Lisa.” 

Urooj Ashfaq: 

Another contestant at the Queens of Comedy season 2, she stood second in the show. Her comic videos can be seen to be trending on YouTube’s page. Well known for her dark humor, she touches real-life issues through her comedy. On her Youtube videos, you can find her talking about her experience of being a Muslim girl and the funeral of her grandmother. Yes, she makes jokes out of everything and they are hilarious!

Shreeja Chaturvedi: 

One of the youngest female Indian comedians in the scene, she made her entry into the Industry through Comicstaan. Shreeja looks innocent but her words are too sharp when it comes to roasting other comedians! Not just that, her tonality, way of delivery, and punchlines all hit the right timings. With self-deprecating humor, she manages to put out a lot of relatable content. 

Kaneez Surka: 

Another senior member of the Indian comic fraternity, Kaneez Surka is the Queen of Improv Comedy. She has been a judge on both Queens of Comedy and Comicstaan and has her own game show on YouTube. Her shows are quickly sold out that only makes evident how hilarious and funny she is! Being a phenomenal actor, she has featured in many Youtube videos of AIB. 

Mallika Dua: 

One of the stars of the video “A Woman’s Besties” besides being a versatile actor, Mallika Dua is one of the most Kyaut Indian female comedians out there. Not afraid to speak her mind, Mallika is a feminist and advocates widely for women and against online trolling and social media hate.

Indian female comedians

In another video “Why should hot girls have all the fun?” – her dialogue “Hame babes banna hai!” sounded too relatable to a lot of women. She is effortlessly witty which can be noticed in her interviews too. To Mallika Dua, comedy comes naturally. 

Aishwarya Mohanraj: 

Aishwarya Mohanraj has become a well-known name delivering some hilarious sets on Comicstaan. Her videos trend on Youtube and her Instagram reels would leave you gasping for air while laughing your heart out. She is a perfect combination of witty and funny. Her deliveries nail the game every time! 

Prashasti Singh: 

Another Indian female comedian that Comicstaan gave to us. Hailing from Uttar Pradesh she left her corporate job to try her hand at comedy. Apart from being a very funny person, Prashasti is a beautiful storyteller too! Her stories are deep, touching, and inspiring whereas her style of humor is self-deprecating with a little bit of sarcasm.

Srishti Dixit: 

Srishti Dixit started as a Bollywood Entertainment Writer on BuzzFeed India, and very naturally starting making videos for the company. Apart from acting, she wrote her own comic sketches at BuzzFeed India that attracted a lot of attention from the masses. Now, a freelancer, Srishti posts some hilarious content on Instagram.

Her latest Instagram reels as the character of Bunty saying “Unty!” had us all laughing like crazy. A cat lady, her cat, Patches is also featured on her Instagram as giving monthly horoscopes that are all the more funny! Her most recent gig is a host on Netflix India’s YouTube Channel on the show Behensplaining, where along with Kusha Kapila, she rates and reviews movies and shows.

Sumaira Shaikh:

Sumaira Shaikh has worked with big names in the Indian comic Industry and is now establishing a big name herself. She has co-written Pushpavalli along with Sumukhi Suresh and others, is a writer on Son of Abish and has also worked for Netflix India and AIB.

Apart from being a comedy writer, Sumaira is an Indian female comedian with a very unique delivery style. Her humor is again inspired by daily life events. You can find her joke about everything under the sun from betting to the chance of her grandmother dying to playing ludo and housie. 

Indian female comedians have been making big names of themselves through their talent and persona. Their social media handles as well as YouTube videos garner millions of views and likes. Apart from the ones mentioned in this list, make sure to check other content creators and Indian female comedians like Prajakta Koli, Kusha Kapila, Dolly Singh, Sonali Thaker, Nidhi Palta, Anuradha Menon etc. are worth checking out! 

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