Monday mornings: Do you struggle to start Mondays on a positive note? Going back to work after a relaxing or eventful weekend can be difficult. Have you ever wondered why Mondays are so hard or why so many of us struggle with them? In this blog, we will dive into Monday blues and also figure out how you could make them better!

Monday is probably the least favorite day of the week for all of us, but it does not have to be that way. With the help of this blog, you will have a newfound joy on Mondays and maybe even look forward to it. Let’s see how. 

A little bit About Monday Blues

Monday blues can be described as feeling hopeless, tired, depressed, etc. Feeling that the work is not only unavoidable but also unpleasant can set the wrong tone for the whole week. This phenomenon is so common that it casually got the name ‘Monday blues.’ But why do we experience it?

Rita Friedman, a career coach from Philadelphia, feels that one of the common reasons behind feeling this way is either being unfulfilled at work or feeling unappreciated. There might be other reasons depending on environmental and personal factors. But the point to notice is that the negativity you feel influences your work and also affects those around you. 

How to Overcome Monday Mornings / Monday Blues?

So how do we overcome this problem? If for some reason, you have to continue the job you are at, you might as well try to do it happily. Here are a couple of tips that will surely help to make Mondays go by smoother than they used to. 

1. Let the music play

We all know how music can alter our moods. If Monday mornings are tough for you, then you can try playing some music in the morning while you get ready. Play upbeat and motivating songs on a speaker while you iron your clothes or whip up breakfast and watch your mood change! 

2. Reward yourself after work

Give yourself something to look forward to. An enjoyable evening can lift your mood after that Monday slump. Be it a special date night or catching up with your friends, it can surely turn your day around. Having an evening to yourself while you watch your favorite movie or simply unwind could be just the thing you need. 

3. Get that workout in

Nothing beats getting all the tension and frustration out after a long Monday. As they say, fitness is the way to greatness! The body releases endorphins in the body when you work out. The chemical triggers a positive feeling, which is similar to morphine. It is perhaps the healthiest way to release negative emotions.

Monday blues
Monday blues

4. Make Mondays easier

One of the reasons that Mondays can seem daunting may be due to the pile of work that awaits you. For some people, it can cause dismay and depression. However, you can avoid this by planning. Plan your coming week on Friday, so you know exactly what awaits you. If possible, give in some extra time, but finish all pending work before leaving the office on Friday. 

5. Get enough sleep

Lack of enough sleep can make Mondays harder than they are. It is smart to go to bed early on a Sunday night. Getting enough sleep will help you wake up fresh in the morning. A well-rested mind and body are better equipped to deal with the day. 

6. Make Sundays lazy

We only get the weekend to take care of all the pending chores from the week. In two days, we also have to catch up with loved ones and have some fun. Taking care of everything can have you coming home in the wee hours of Monday. If you want to have a happy and productive Monday, prepare for it by giving yourself a few hours on Sunday. Have the last couple of hours to manage your thoughts and prepare for tomorrow. 

Monday blues
Monday blues

As tough as Mondays can be, they are unavoidable. By preparing for the upcoming week, we can eliminate all the stress and worry. Implement the tips in your life to see drastic changes, not only in your mood but also in productivity and how you deal with situations. 

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