Winter is upon us. Along with the chilly winds, winters also bring seasonal depression for some. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) or winter blues affect many people as the days get shorter and colder. However, researchers at the University of Glasgow in the United Kingdom found that women are more likely to experience seasonal depression than men do. 

Each year, thousands of people go through seasonal depression in the winter. But, many of them do not even know it. If you experience low levels of energy, loss of interest in the activities you enjoyed, feel worthless, or sad, then chances are that you might be feeling the winter blues. However, there is good news! You no longer have to feel that way.

Steps To Get Rid Of Winter Blues

We have got the list of some simple steps that would shoo the winter blues away:

1. Eat Healthy Foods

It is tempting to indulge in unhealthy snacks and drinks in winter. But, make sure that your meals have a good portion of greens and vegetables. Lean proteins and fruit help especially if you are prone to depression.  A nutritious diet is necessary for a healthy mind and body. Consuming unhealthy food will make you feel bloated and heavy, which is something no one wants. The trick to not give in to unhealthy snacks is to not buy any! Surround yourself with healthy options to choose from and soon that will be all you crave. 

2. Socialize More

‘It is so cold outside’ is a common response to whenever someone wants to go out in winters. With everything available with just a few clicks, we often have no reason to step outside. Although it is perfectly fine to stay indoors or be by yourself sometimes, doing it regularly can help your depression grow. If you find yourself saying no to social gatherings more than yes, you might want to introspect and figure out if you are experiencing seasonal depression. 

While it is important to keep in touch with loved ones, it is also crucial that you maintain distance from people that bring you down. We all know one or more people among our family or friends who are negative. If their negativity affects your mindset or makes you sad, then it is best to stay away. 

3. Get in that workout

Exercise is a great way to stay fit. But, it is also great for your mental well being. According to Harvard Medical School, exercise helps to improve ‘moods and mental functioning.’ So, if you find yourself lacking energy or motivation then exercise might help take you out of the funk. 

Not wanting to travel to the gym in the harsh winter season is a common excuse that people have. But, that does not mean you can’t work out. There are so many short exercises that you could do without needing any type of equipment. These exercises will help you get rid of the belly fat and work out your cores at home!

Winter Blues
Winter Blues

4. Make sun your BFF

We all have a love-hate relationship with the sun. In summers, we complain about how hot it is and in winters, it is the opposite. Even if you hate the sun, make it your best friend in winter. Not only is soaking the sun a good way to get vitamin D, but it also helps keep depression away. There are many places in the world where there is barely any sunlight like the UK. For people living in such places, you could take a vitamin D supplement. According to a study, the moods of people with winter blues improved substantially after taking vitamin D supplements. Light therapy is also a viable option.

Winters can sure be depressing. Many people cannot fathom how a season could depress anyone. But, it is a truth that many people live with. Although winters can make you feel low and sad, with the help of these easy-to-follow tips, you will soon be able to bid farewell to the winter blues!

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