Vacation is a time to rejuvenate yourself. It is a break from your office and family. Well, unless you are vacationing with the family. It doesn’t matter if you are alone or with your friends or family. 

Holidays are a fun time to celebrate life. We often go to different places on a vacation. It is important to travel light. Here we are with some packing tips.

While traveling either for the purpose of vacation or work you might have to deal with a lot of things. You need to plan an itinerary. Book your tickets, the hotel where you will stay. Planning to travel light can be a dose of extra stress. 

Amidst this, we have to pack our luggage as well. You need some packing tips for travelling to your destined place. Let’s admit that we hate packing and unpacking our luggage. It becomes a nightmare to decide what to take with you on a trip and whatnot.

Why Is It Important To Travel Light?

Clearly, there are plenty of things that you have to pack, your travel documents, clothes, accessories, shoes, makeup. Sometimes you might not remember to bring an important thing with you on a vacation. It might potentially ruin the whole trip. Therefore, you need packing tips for travelling.

  • If you are travelling by air there is a limit on the luggage you can carry with you. If the limit exceeds you will have to pay the extra money.
  • You will have to carry the luggage everywhere with you. Do you really feel like pulling a trolley that is heavy?
  • If you carry extra things you might not find that specific thing you need in your luggage.
  • If you have light luggage you can carry it with you in the cabin of an aircraft. You will not have to wait near the luggage belt at arrivals.
  • It will save you from the security checkup and luggage check-in at the airport.
  • If your vacation is all about an adventure you really don’t want to carry a heavy backpack on your shoulders.

Well, ladies no worries. We are here to help you to guide you on how to travel light. It will help you to move tension-free on vacation. So let’s have a fun trip and vacation without thinking about the weight of your luggage.

Tips & Tricks To Pack Smartly & Travel Light

Here are the tips and tricks to pack smartly and travel light:

Carry Essentials Only

You need to prioritise. Packing light is important. It should be done according to your itinerary. Count the number of days you are vacationing for and what you are planning to do on each day. 

Carry a limited number of outfits. And a few extra pairs for emergencies. A toothbrush is a must. Rest everything will be provided to you at your hotel.

Trolley Size

 Travel Light
 Travel Light

Some of the great packing tips for travelling include the choice of luggage, their weight. It varies a lot. If you are going on a vacation for more than a week, you have to carry a bigger bag. For weekend trips backpacks are enough. Carry a polyester bag for dirty clothes.


Try to pack a minimum number of dresses. You can carry a dress that could be worn as a top with jeans. Usually, one pair of jeans is enough to cover a holiday. You can ditch the jeans and pack shorts and skirts. They will occupy less space. 

Vacation on a beach requires swimwear and summer clothes. They are easy to pack. You can repeat a few clothes. It’s okay. You are on a vacation, not on a runway show. You can purchase some outfits from a local market as well. 

Generally, tourist spots have amazing collections of clothes. But you need to have a little space in your trolley if you are going to purchase new things.


You cannot carry all the earrings and other accessories. You have to pack your luggage wisely. Take a small jewelry box and fill it with as many pieces of jewelry as possible. Keep it in the corner of your trolley bag. 

This way all your accessories will be in one place. And you will not have to search for it. Don’t keep the unboxed jewellery in your handbag. It might get damaged.


Footwears can get tricky; when it comes to packing light. Footwears are another headache that we have to think of while packing. You can wear a cute pair of sneakers. And keep a pair of sandals and a pair of flip flops in your bag. 

These three pairs of footwears can cover almost all the outfits you are planning to wear. If it is a trek you can just wear trekking shoes, they are comfortable and classy.

Flip Flops should be comfortable and stylish. They are easy to pack. Always keep the footwears beneath the clothes. This way you can make more space in your luggage bag. 

Think of all the outfits you are going to wear then plan accordingly on which footwear you will be needing. You really cannot take all the footwear with you. 


If you are going to a hill station you have an extra burden to carry. You need winter clothes. What you can do is wear a jacket or a hoodie that can be tied around your waist or shoulder. 

This way you don’t have to pack it in your trolley. Carry a quilt as well. You can carry a scarf and a beanie too. Winter clothes definitely occupy more space. You can even put your Jacket in your laptop bag. 


Packing light is an art. The way you arrange and organize clothes is a technique. You can fold and roll Tee shirts instead of compressing it into sheets. Folded shirts will occupy le space. 

You can fold and roll jeans as well. We generally press the clothes and fold them. But rolling them into little bundles is a better way and this way they don’t get creased out. 


You cannot carry a makeup box with you. It will occupy a lot of space. Instead, carry the required makeup item in a purse or wallet. They can be folded and kept in your sling bag or handbag. 

Do not keep any other items in this box. It should be allotted especially for your makeup. You can carry the miniature version of perfumes, small lipsticks, and compact.

Push It

Fill the trolley until there is no space. But also make sure to check the weight. There are many hidden compartments in your trolley. You can use these compartments to organise and pack different things. You can keep your sleepers in the front chain of your trolley.

Drop The Extra Items

You cannot carry extra items if you want to travel light. Do not keep a towel, blanket, bed sheet etc. These things are provided by the hotel staff. Do not carry books. Until and unless you are really going to read it. 

Many hotels do provide iron, hairdryers and straighteners. Ask in advance, if not, then you can carry these items. Don’t pack the things that will be available there.

Important To Carry

What is important to carry are medicines. It is one of the most important packing tips. Medical emergencies can happen anytime. 

Carry your anti-allergen tablets, asthma pump or any other medication that you are on. You can carry a pair of tampons or pads if your period date is near. Pack a couple of undergarments. 


Other than trolley you might carry a backpack. You can put a water bottle in it, you can carry your laptop if you are on a business trip. You can keep a little bit of the extra item in this bag. But don’t make it too heavy. You might even have a camera bag to carry. Adjust it in the backpack.

These were a few tips on how to travel light. Of course, you need to check twice or thrice whether you have packed everything that is essential. We hope that these packing tips could be useful to you. Happy vacation to you.

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