Hey, ladies out there! Winter’s approached. Have you ever thought how are you going to dress up the professional within you?? No? Come to us, we will help you decode and decide the winter office outfit. 

The winter season, as we all know brings with itself dry skin, dull hair and therefore a sad face. But as we have the problem so does its solution exists. 


  1. HIGH-NECK TOPS: You can always pair a high neck top with jeans for the office. These tops make you look professional as well as save your body from the bone-chilling winters.
  2. BLAZER COLLARS: Blazer collars have always been something that comes to your rescue. Firstly, it adds to the winter work outfit look by giving your persona an official touch and secondly, you don’t seem over authoritative like you do when you wear the actual blazer.
  3. CONTRASTING CLOTHES: Summer sunshine allows you to wear abstract colours together, and you look beautiful in that but winters are different. The winter haze and the volume of clothes can make you look extremely packed up in contrasting clothes. The costume might eat up your pe
  4. STALLS: Whenever you choose to wear stalls at the office or workplace, make sure it doesn’t seem too heavy or too clingy like a shawl. There’s a reason why stalls were made and let that remain intact😅. A stall should always let you have the winter office wear outlook and make you look smart.
  5. JUMPSUITS: The woollen jumpsuits that come with a slightly thin fabric are definitely your ‘go with it’ outfit. Having paired it up with a cropped blazer, it can do wonders for your look.
  6. LONG SHRUGS: If you choose to wear Indian winter office outfits, long shrugs can surely help you stand out from the crowd. Just choose some bright colored shrugs like white, peach, grass green and there you go!
  7. BOOTS & BLUNDERS: Be careful while you choose boots, especially for the workplace in winters.Because boots have two extreme ends, one where you either look like you are going to a fashion show and the other where it may look overdone with the extra leathery look. Always try choosing the block heeled boots, a classic color, and definitely a matte one instead of the lustrous ones.


  1. BRIGHT COLOURS: Bright colors will always come to your rescue when the winter haze troubles you. Go for colors like pink, blue, yellow, and orange for your winter office outfits. These colors give a shiny touch to your face when the sun shows up.
  2. VERTICAL STRIPS: Wanna look slimmer? Try wearing vertical stripes. The horizontal one makes you look more elaborate in body breadth and the vertical ones make you look comparatively slimmer and taller.
  3. LONG WOOLlEN ENSEMBLE: Never go for a long woollen top or any such thing if you are a short heightened person because that would make you look much shorter. But if you are a tall person, a considerable long size can be afforded to be worn.
  4. THICK WOOL: Dear girls, thick wools shade the personality better than anything else can. They make you look suffocated. So, in order to stay expressive and breathable, try avoiding thickly coated wool.
  5. SOLID COLOURS: The solid colors are something no one can deny since they act like a ‘nothing to judge’ deal. Rather going with patterns that make you look bloated can be a blunder you cause this winter.

So, a set for this winter?? Go out freely with these amazing winter office outfits, let not the winters stop you from being who you are because you are beautiful in every way❤

Stay tuned to VOW! 😌