“A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.” -Coco Chanel

Women consider their hair as a prized possession and cutting them short sounds like a life-changing decision but if you have taken the plunge or cut them short in a whim, even if you are planning to cut your hair short, don’t fret, we have you covered on ways to style short hair in quick and hassle-free ways. 

If you think cutting your hair short means you can only leave them open and not have to worry about styling, you are right. People think that short hairstyles for women is just straightening them or curling them and that’s it. 

What if you got bored with letting your fall down all the time? You need to have a list handy on how to style short hair, so here you go.

How to Style Short Hair?

Styling short hair for women is not a difficult task, so grab your combs, bobby pins, cute hair clips, and rubber bands to get going to DIY short hairstyles:

Half Updo

  1. This one is very simple, effortless and an instant fix for the days you must change things up but don’t want to do anything major.
  2. Comb your hair and section your hair from your ears.
  3. Take a rubber band and tie the sectioned hair in a ponytail or a bun whichever way you want.

There you have yourself a cool hairstyle that you can wear at college or on a brunch date with your girlfriends.

Pretty clipped 

  1. While styling short hair, this one is again very simple and quick one that is just your everyday hairstyle but with some pizazz.
  2. Recently the gram went crazy over cute hair clips and that trend is not going anywhere so you can get yourself some cute hair clips or DIY them and use them. That way you’ll stay in trend and won’t have to worry about your hair falling on your face.

Twisted Tales 

We often think that styling short hairstyles are good for western outfits but not for Indian wear and that is so not true. This easy DIY short hairstyle for women will look very elegant with all your Indian or weddingguest looks. 

Short Hair
Short Hair
  1. Section your hair from the middle and then again section from the front.
  2. Start twisting them inwards till the back and secure with a bobby-pin. Repeat this on the other side.
  3. There you have an easy short hairstyle to make you look put together on any Indian outfit of yours.

The classic ponytail

This hairstyle is not new, and we have been making them for all our lives so why stop now? 

  1. Simply comb your hair and grab them all together and tie them with a runner band. If you want to make this look even better loosen some hair from the front or some flicks.
  2. You can also use cool hair clips to look even cuter.

And voila, you have your yourself a hairstyle for short hair or any length, suits and looks good on everyone. 

Half up-space buns 

If you are in the mood for something edgy, his short hairstyle is for you. 

  1. Section your hair from the middle and then again from your ear. Secure the hair with a rubber band. Then make a bun and again secure that with a rubber band.
  2. Repeat this process on the other side.
  3. You can use a hair spray to set the hair in place. This was another quick DIY short hairstyle you can try.

This hairstyle is best when you want to go out with friends or have a Netflix marathon with your friends.

Half French ponytail

This year since we can’t travel and Emily in Paris made us fall in love with Paris, we may not be able to visit France, but we can have a French hairstyle every now and then. 

That could be a bad joke but this hairstyle for short hair is just amazing. All you must do is French braid your hair. You can do it yourself or ask for some help. As you reach the back of your head, take all the remaining hair in a ponytail and tie it. 

This way you have a very cool hairstyle that doesn’t require long hair. 

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The side twists

This hairstyle for short hair is again very easy to do and can be worn with multiple outfits- Indian as well as Western. 

  1. Side part your hair. In the shorter section, grab your hair and start twisting them inwards. You can decide when you want to stop, and once you’ve done that secure it with some Bobby pins.
  2. This hair would look good on formal wear too.

The Hat-Trick

Who said accessorising your hair is not a good way to style your short hair? 

We all have our bad hair days but to save ourselves some time, style your hair with some hats. 

There are so many hats in different kinds available in the market like a bucket hat, baker-boy hat, Beret and so many more. You can wear beanies and woollen hats in the winters. 

The low pigtails

Short Hair
Short Hair

This hairstyle for short hair is very cute and a way to DIY. 

  1. Simply section your hair from the middle and do that down to your neck.
  2. Tie one of the sections and repeat this on the other side too. You can get creative with this and use cute hair ties to style them.

Front French twist

  1. This one is again a quick hairstyle for short hair.
  2. Side part your hair using a comb and in the bigger section, start French braiding your hair from the top and till your ears, then normally braid the front section and secure it with a hair tie.

These were some of the ways to style short hair and look fabulous. 

The next time someone asks you the question how to style short hair you can let them know. If you were delaying your favorite haircut, don’t and get yourself one. Life is too short for boring hair.

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