Celebrity?  You can also be a Celebrity! JUST POSE AND CLICK PICTURES Here at the VOW, we are going to tell you how to pose in photos because a lot of us who aren’t models struggle with this.

How To Pose?

So here are some tips and techniques and some specific poses that you can try out when you’re posing for photos. 

1. Hold Something

So the first pose is to hold something, if you add over a little prop it’ll make you feel a lot less awkward posing because you have something to hold on to. You can add a little coffee cup, hold it up to your face, to look like you’re about to take a sip for something. I’ve seen a lot of people do this with dessert items also, so a doughnut, ice-cream, a popsicle candy. All of these make great little props. If you feel kind of awkward just posing without holding on to something so, for example, you can hold a doughnut in front of your face or in front of one eye just kind.

2. The Fake or Real Laugh

So the next one is a fake or real laugh. It feels a little awkward but most of the time your fake laugh will turn into like you are actually laughing. But it shouldn’t feel like a forced one. Try this out even if you feel uncomfortable while capturing, you’ll get great photos out of it.

3. Hands in the Pocket and Looking Up

This pose is just like a really easy pose, you can just put your hands in the pocket and look up to one side. So if you have a nice blank wall, your photo will come out more appropriately. This is perfect if you just want a casual understated pose or if you really like your outfit and want to show that off.

4. Walking Pose

So the next pose is not a pose at all but if you don’t pose rather if you walk and you pose as you look up, look to the side and you are having your camera on a really shutter speed, you’ll get a natural-looking candid shots. One issue you might run into is, if you don’t have your camera on correct settings and your shutter speed is too low then the pictures are going to be kind of blurry.

5. Sitting Pose

So here is the next pose, the sitting one. It’s a technique to place your arms and legs in a proper position so they don’t look awkward. Siting ones can also look pretty unflattering if you are not careful. So what you do is kind of criss-cross your legs or you can just put one leg over the other and you put one arm over the side and just kind of look to the side and it looks casual and candid. You can also turn your face the other way and casually put a hand down and look back and this looks very interesting. Try this out!

6. Posing in the Car

It feels kind of chilling but I think it’s a fun look. And if you have a car as a prop, it looks best if you also have a cup of coffee in your one hand and other like upon the seat. It’s a kind of glamorous look so you can also use some sunglasses for this one too. So try out these poses, I’m sure you will definitely love each one of them.

How To Pose
How To Pose?

Not a model? But yeah, you can look like one, you can look like a celeb. You can also modify the above poses according to your level of comfort. These are just some outlines that will surely help you to rebuild your photos. Moreover, every woman is a celebrity in their own life, in their own style. Starting from a daughter to a girl and becoming a mother, each one of them is proficient in their own field. So just standing in front of the camera and waiting for the voice “Light, Camera and Action” to come, is nothing but feel like a celebrity. A daughter is a princess to her father as well as her mother and the root of being a celebrity lies there. A mother is a celebrity in her own terms and a wife is indeed a celeb!  So be happy and click pictures the way you are and become a celebrity in your loved one’s life.

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