‘Sexy’ as a term refers to something that is sexually attractive. Now what you’re looking for is how to click sexy selfies, ace those sexy poses to make yourself look one of  a kind, aren’t you? Well, guess what, you already are unique.

Once you start loving yourself, trust us, there’s no going back. So even if you want to click these selfies just for your sense of satisfaction, all the better! Any number of pro tips wouldn’t matter if you aren’t getting that sexy-inner-feeling. And again, once you do, there’s no going back!

Begin loving yourself, embrace your flaws because remember that’s how YOU are hence there’s nothing you can do about it, accept yourself as you are, remember your smile has the power of brightening a person’s day. Once you’re all in, you can try these tips to take your selfie game to another level!

Tips of Clicking Sexy Selfies

Below are the tips to take sexy selfies:

1. Dress Up in Whichever Way you Feel Comfortable for Taking Sexy Selfies 

To dress up or to dress down? The choice is yours. If you’re clicking a sexy selfie for your partner while sexting; or if you’re doing it to feel good about yourself; or just a random post on social media, just remember that although you’ve to dress accordingly, it is your choice entirely. 

If you want, you can always try stepping out of your comfort zone and grab that sexy dress out of your wardrobe and make yourself look as sensual as you are! Just never forget that girl, you have the power of turning heads around just by the way you confidently carry yourself. 

So along with that pretty sexy dress, also slap some confidence on your face and make it look all the more tantalizing. This brings us to the second tip- 

Clicking Sexy Selfies
Clicking Sexy Selfies

2. Put your Best-Confident-Face Forward 

If you’re looking to put on some make-up then YOU SHOULD. Instead of opting for a nude-makeup look or a no-makeup-makeup look, go for a bold makeup look. Watch all the tutorials on YouTube for a bold makeup look to bring out the badass look in your face and drown yourself in a truckload of highlighter! 

A bright red lipstick can never go wrong, as long as you have the power to pull it off, which we’re sure you do. Hair has the power of making you look seductive hence do not make the mistake of ignoring your hair. Work on it. Work on your face. 

But most importantly, no matter how much you get all decked up it’ll be in vain if you do not bring out that confident look. Nothing works if your confidence doesn’t work.

3. Make it Fun by Adding Props 

Again, it’s your choice. If you want to be holding something in front of the camera maybe your phone, or your shades, or a vibrator (if sexting) make sure your focus isn’t divided. Focus on the camera entirely, but also keep in mind that you’re holding an object. 

If you’re not comfortable enough then change your pose and hold the prop in a different way. Spread your legs, raise your hands, lie down on a bed and raise your legs against a wall while wearing heels, do anything that makes you feel sensuous for a sexy selfie.

4. Set your Angle, Pick a Sexy Pose 

While clicking selfies, the angle is everything! Fully clothed or nude, either way, it can be a tough task. Hence, take your time while figuring out which pose suits you the best and accentuates your angles and curve. Treat yourself like the goddess that you are. 

Don’t rush yourself into uncomfortable positions because that’ll only drop your confidence and your expression might drop to a great extent. So, remember you have to sexy but don’t give up your comfort at any cost. 

Try out the positions that you want to ace before getting yourself in front of the camera. Heels can add to the discomfort while trying to pose sexy, hence give yourself some time and practice. Be careful and don’t hurt yourself!

5. Posture 

Remember how you’d always hear your mother ask you to straighten your back? Now you got to do it for real, yo! With good posture, you’ll have that added confidence on your face.

Pull your shoulders back, push your chest out, you can always play with your hands and hair, position your legs in a way that makes them look longer. Any which way, you do you! 

6. Good Lighting is Essential 

In order to click a sexy selfie or any selfie, in that case, lighting plays a very important role. You might be looking hot as hell, but with bad lighting, it could go all in vain. Hence place your camera in a very well-lit place and start posing! Make the sun your friend and pose in broad daylight for that extra cheekiness! It’ll flatter your sexy selfie and make it look sexier!

Clicking Sexy Selfies
Clicking Sexy Selfies

Even after all these tips, if you still find yourself searching on the internet ‘how to take sexy selfies’ then my dear queen, shut your browser down, shut down your surroundings, grab yourself some mirror-time. 

Make the mirror your best friend and start giving sexy poses in front of it. No one’s watching you, literally, NO ONE. Take advantage of it, dress up however you want to, and try out all those poses which you’ve been saving on Pinterest. Flirt with yourself, flirt with the mirror, ace your sexy pose, and voila, you aren’t underconfident anymore! Just be patient. Remember, you’ve got to feel sexy from within!

Lastly, get some feedback. If you’re unsure of your dress, feel a little stepped out of place, then there’s nothing wrong with getting feedback from a person or two. Send these sexy selfies to your partner, ask him how he feels about it and ask him for his honest opinion. 

Let go of the sexual anxiety and don’t let yourself fool YOU that you aren’t photogenic. YES, YOU ARE. You are sexy, you are gorgeous, you are beautiful, you are tempting but most importantly, you are YOU. Once you realize this, you’ll ace all those sexy selfies, sexy poses and wouldn’t have to practice. EVER. Your candids are going to be as beautiful and sexy you are. AMEN! 

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