Is your partner ignoring to talk with you and showing cold faces every time you touch him? Are you desperate to feel the same craziness he once had for you? But children, in-laws and the groceries are rolling daily and give you less time to be together. As a result, you both get busy with your responsibilities and feel void while in the bedroom.

Marriage requires effort from both sides, and if you are the person who wants a guy to turn you on, then this may be the time you reconsider and make the first move. Win his heart with your effort and set the magic in the bedroom again. Ignite the spark with simple techniques and tempt him to relax in an old proven way. Learn how to give a Nuru massage and slowly turn his coldness into a passionate love for you.

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What is Nuru Massage?

What is Nuru Massage
What is Nuru Massage

Originating in Kawasaki, Japan, Nuru massage requires a masseuse’s body to rub the recipient’s body using an odorless gel made from Nori seaweed. Often Nuru massage ends with a sexual act but not necessarily every time. One can feel the orgasm without penetration and feel connected at the platonic level. 

Benefits of Nuru Massage 

Nuru massage will spice up your love and married life if you are a couple. This massage involves intense physical contact to relieve the body from tension and provides longevity. 

It is an intimate type of massage where the private body parts are stimulated to bring the utmost relaxation; it also strengthens emotional connections. Japanese people consider Nuru massage as an aid to the spiritual journey. Some of the significant benefits of this massage are:

  • Stress relieving
  • Muscle relaxation
  • Moisturizing for the skin
  • Detox the body
  • Aids in healthy living

Prerequisites for Nuru Massage 

So, you have successfully convinced him to come into your abode! Well done. Now the foreplay begins. Before you begin the actual ritual:

  1. Start with bathing and clean yourself thoroughly.
  2. If possible, take a sea salt bath and relax those tense muscles.
  3. Before starting the whole thing, ensure you researched well on how to give a Nuru massage

Ask your partner to take a shower too. It will make you two ready for the massage. Set an erotic ambience with a red light on and spray some soothing fragrance. Play some aphrodisiac music at a low volume and use some scented candles to set the mood.

Keep the Nuru Massage Therapy Gel handy. Warm the gel in a bowlful of hot water with its cap on. This unique gel is natural and made with seaweed, aloe vera, grape seed, and soothing chamomile flower extract. It has no flavor, fragrance, thus leaves no stain on the bed sheets. 

Bed set up before a Nuru massage is essential as this is a wet massage, and sometimes the bed can be messy. Cover your bed with the wet Nuru massage sheet to glide on your partner’s body with ease and avoid the difficulty in its laundry.

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Erotic Nuru Massage Techniques

After you set the ambience and research how to give a Nuru massagebegin with slowly covering your whole body with the wet Nuru gel and ask your partner to lay face down on his chest. Relax him by gently squeezing his hair and applying a light to medium pressure on his head with your fingertips. Tell him to take deep and long breaths while you massage his entire scalp. Then massage his neck region, shoulder and bottom of the scalp. 

Erotic Nuru Massage Techniques
Erotic Nuru Massage Techniques

Now start comforting him with a gentle massage on his hard bones with your soft tissue and his soft tissue with your hard bone. Use your soft surfaces like breasts over his hard surfaces like shins and massage with your forearm on his buttock.

While you massage his body parts, make sure you do it clockwise and reverse it with an anti-clockwise motion. This will circulate the blood flow throughout his body, and he will feel deeply relaxed. While giving a Nuru massage, you can make your man want more with the following 5 techniques:

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1. Basic Body Slide 

Basic Body Slide
Basic Body Slide

Lay face down with your partner and slide your breast up and down over your partner’s entire body. Now glide through his upper and lower body slowly, feel his body touching yours and move with the rhythm of music. 

2. A Sensual Buttock Massage

Sit on your partner facing forward and use your buttocks to glide over his back and legs. Furthermore, you can modify this position while laying back-to-back and glide on your partner, giving him a pleasurable massage with your hands and feet to his legs, calves and ankle. 

Use a clockwise direction first and then an anti-clockwise direction to massage his whole body with your hands.

3. Scissor Straddle 

Create a scissor motion in your legs, sliding your thighs over his thighs and massaging his feet and toes. Next, ask him to spread his legs so that it creates a cradle. Use this cradle for balance and slide your back over his back and frontal body. Now, change your position and be creative while giving him sensuous pleasure. 

4. Shiatsu Technique

Use this traditional Japanese pressure-point massage to give him relief from headaches and backaches. Median theory and acupuncture contribute to this technique. 12 meridian lines of an individual are associated with different organs. So, enhance these energy points on your partner’s body with your finger. Now stimulate the nervous system and the acupressure points along the 12-meridian lines with a rhythmic pressure of your dancing fingers. Focus on the muscles of the feet and the upper body to release endorphins. This massage with the Nuru gel will give you both incredible pleasure and make your bonding last long. 

5. Cranial Release

If you apply this technique, this will lead to specific physical changes in your partner. This technique is so helpful in releasing his past resentment, anger or any other emotional blockage that created misunderstanding in his mind.

Use this psychosomatic technique with your fingers, palm and elbow to his naval point, shoulder and bottom of the spine to eliminate any sexual tension between you. See how he responds to your massaging techniques and ask him if it feels better in a slow and subtle voice. Reaffirm your feelings for him, make him crave you more, and set the foundation of love again.

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Final Thought

A Nuru massage will enable you to unleash the sensual energy your partner created during the activity. The strokes that you do on your husband’s body will help him feel engaged and thrilled at the same time. To relieve all your emotional and physical tension with this excellent erotic body massage technique, make sure you know everything on how to give a Nuru massage to your partner before you engage him in bed.