Disclaimer- We don’t take any responsibility if anything goes wrong with these experiments. This article is only a content provider and has no medical advice. Kindly perform these experiments at your own risk. 

How to get sick? Have you ever wished you were sick and could take off from work? It sounds a little unethical but it’s okay to relax for a day or two on behalf of the sick leaves. Guess what, you can fake sickness very easily and treat yourself with sick leave. We are going to some of the ideas by which you can fake sickness and enjoy an off from work and relax. Some of the most common symptoms of sickness are fever, cough, sneezing, cough, sweat, headache, and so on. Here are some of the easy steps that will make you fake sick and you get an off from work or school:

How To Get Fever

  1. Drink icy cold water repeatedly.
  2. Don’t eat anything. Be at complete fast till you feel sick.
  3. Overexert yourself by exercising rigorously.
  4. Take a bath in cold water and then sit in the A/C for some time with minimal clothes on.
  5. Force yourself not to sleep. Stay on the terrace for some time with minimal clothes.

1. Cough

The best way to fake cough is to act like it. But if you are not a good actor, you can drink lots of chilly liquids and that will choke your throat. Though cigarettes are harmful to health, if you are a smoker, double the number of cigarettes you are smoking. These practices must be done the preceding day you wish to be will on. 

2. Headache

Headache is one thing that can never be verified. Thankfully, you do not have to get a headache to fake it. But if you want to get a headache, you need to look at heavy light for a long time. The best way is to tell the one you want to convince that you are having a bad headache and not feeling quite well to show up at work or any other place.

3. Hoarseness

The best way to achieve a hoarse voice is to visit a place with music at high volume and sing to the very core of your lungs. It will give you a hoarse voice the following day. You will achieve a voice that will sound sick but it will take some days to get your original voice back. 

4. Throw Up

If you wish to puke and show yourself to be sick. There are certain ways by which you can do that. Though it is not a good road to take because no one likes to throw up, it’s disgusting. But if you wish to vomit, all you have to do is put your fingers deep inside your throat. While doing so, if you start to feel gigglish immediately pull out your fingers and you will puke afterward. But make sure you wash your hands nicely before you perform this activity. Another way to throw up is gargling with egg whites. The funky smell of egg whites will immediately make you puke. It is a straightforward method and is full proof. 

5. Loss Of Appetite

Loss of appetite is one of the major symptoms that can lead to so many other diseases like headache, fever, or any other illness. Just refusing to eat at all will make you sick in no time. But it is difficult to predict what it might lead to. But if you just want to fake sickness, you have to pretend to others that you don’t want to eat anything but secretly you are free to eat. 

6. Cold


Drinking lots of cold liquids will make you catch a cold. You can also take a bath with chilled water and then stand under a fan or A/C. Also being near a person who is having a cold will make your body catch infection too. It is easy to make yourself catch a cold. But how worse it can get is so not in your hands. 

Though making yourself sick is not good because no situation in the world is so imperative that you would harm your health. The information provided above is only for general knowledge and is not medically approved or accepted. Kindly perform them at your own risk.  

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