Have you broken up recently or even sometime back? Are you still pining for your ex? It is especially difficult if your previous relationship was your first love. Our psyche works in such a manner that we end up obsessing over our ex so much, it can end becoming toxic.

The move on phase can differ from person to person. In the age of social media, it becomes even more difficult, since you can’t really ignore your ex-beau. Earlier, once a relationship ended, you broke all contact with that person, after crying over them, you could get on with life. But with access to Facebook, Instagram, twitter, snapchat, and the various other social media you never really lose touch. Stalking on social media is a vice!

The Ex Just Got Hotter

Most of us had that experience when seeing an ex after a while, they suddenly appear extremely hotter and better looking? It feels extremely gut-wrenching! It is not just in your mind, psychologists say that people after ending a relationship, get over the emotional baggage, concentrate on self. So, how to get over a relationship:

  • Your ex has coped with the break-up better and has moved on in life.
  • Some unachievable always appears better – now that the baggage of the relationship isn’t there, you see them as an individual. And remember you had fallen for this person at one time!
  • Regret influences our thinking. If you see your beau getting close to someone else, then well it might make you ponder on their merits that had attracted you in the first place.

Why Not Stalk Your Ex Online?

You will be forever stuck – if you keep stalking them, you end up being stuck. just saying you hate them and then obsessively stalking them shows the strong feelings that you still harbor. This isn’t good for your sanity.

It will hamper your own happiness – when going through their profiles, you not only end up wasting precious time but you revive all the harmful emotions- anger, sadness, and frustration.

Embarrassment when finding out – worse is when you stalk then after a few shots down, and you end up liking their posts or pictures or worse still even you put some snarky comment.

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How To Stop Yourself From Looking Up Your Ex

  • Delete/block them on social media: this would prevent their updates from ambushing you, while you scroll through your news feed. If you can’t do that, at least unfollow them.
  • Take a break from social media: Facebook has an annoying habit of reminding you things that happened zillion years ago! Take a break and come back stronger after a while.
  • Spend time with loved ones: a break-up can make you feel unloved. Spend some quality time with friends and family. Request them to not mention your beau.
  • Get involved: concentrate on work or studies. Take up a new hobby. You can also go traveling. It is important to feel good about yourself.
  • Get help: if you find it, getting too difficult, it’s alright to seek help. It is to become depressed, especially when you see your ex moving on. Talk to a counselor or a support group, who will help to heal organically.
  • Get back in the dating game: there are many wonderful men and women out there, who may be just right for you. Date other individuals and broaden your horizon.

A relationship dies, due to various reasons, but feelings linger on. It is not easy to forget the good memories that you share as a couple. Take one day at a time, and help yourself to get ahead with life. Don’t be hard on yourself, if you take more time than your friend, each person copes differently. It is important to get closure! So happy loving and better living (with self)!

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