Your scalp is the central source of hair growth and if the scalp is not healthy, moisturized, and clean, many hair problems tend to arise with a dry and itchy scalp. A dry and itchy scalp is the most common hair problem for both men and women and the causes are numerous. For a dry and dandruff-prone scalp, there is a need for the best scalp treatment. 

Constant itching and scratching your scalp is annoying and can make your hair frizzy and weak. Changing hair care products is not working for you? We are here with some of the best scalp treatment ideas which may help you achieve a healthy scalp. Read on to find out! 

Symptoms Of A Dry Scalp 

There can be various signs your scalp is unhealthy and you need a scalp treatment. If you have an unhealthy scalp here are some problems and signs you might discover: 

  • Itchiness
  • Constant Urge to scratch the scalp
  • Flakes in the scalp
  • Irritated scalp
  • Dry and frizzy hair
  • Tightness in the scalp
  • Dandruff
  • Soreness
  • Hair loss

These are some signs of a dry and dandruff-prone hair scalp. 

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Causes Of A Dry Scalp 

There can be various reasons your scalp is dry. It can be because of internal body conditions, lack of hair care, poor hygiene, and many other factors. If you are wondering what are the causes of a dry scalp, here are some possible reasons for it: 

hair dryness
hair dryness
  • Change in Climate 

As the moisture decreases during winter, you might have discovered a dry and prickly scalp that is because of the cold weather. The lack of humidity and moisture leads to dried-out air in the scalp which makes your scalp dry and flaky. If you experience flakes on your scalp, you could have dandruff on your hair. 

  • Diet 

An unhealthy diet is the cause of many skin and hair problems. The hormones and organs are not regulated properly until you do not eat properly. Sugars and carbohydrate diet can cause fungus on your scalp which can further cause dry and flaky scalp. 

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  • Excessive Washing 

Hygiene is cool, it’s no doubt but excessive and unnecessary washing of your hair can cause dry scalp. If you wash your hair every day, the natural oils on your scalp are required to hydrate the scalp. Over time, it can not only make your hair dry but also make it weak and brittle. 

  • Stress 

Stress can make your hormones imbalanced and dryness is one of the signs of it. Stress can stimulate conditions like dandruff which can leave your hair dry and unpleasant. So, maybe for your dry hair, stress is to be blamed. 

  • Using Certain Hair Products 

When your scalp turns itchy, red, and flaky it may be a sign of dermatitis. This allergic reaction can happen when you use particular hair products on your hair. The chemical reaction can make your hair dry and scaly. 

Best Scalp Treatment To Get Rid Of Dry Hair 

Looking for a treatment for the scalp and get rid of that dryness and constant itching? You are in the right place. We are going to tell you some easy treatments for your hair dryness and dandruff. As you are aware of the causes of the unhealthy scalp, you also need to make some lifestyle changes for a healthy scalp. Here is the list of scalp treatments you need to try to get rid of dry scalp and overall healthy hair. 

1. Massage your Scalp and Hair 

Scalp massage is a simple, cheap, and easiest way to get rid of dry scalp and have overall healthy hair. You can massage your hair with oils to alleviate the dryness and have a moisturized and soothing scalp. This not only improves the blood circulation in your scalp but also boosts the generation of natural oils, stimulation of hair follicles, and promotes hair growth. So, why go for expensive hair treatments when you can easily moisturize your hair at home? 

2. Use Oil on your Scalp 

Oils are amazing for hair hydration. If you have dry hair, the first thing you should try to get treatment for the scalp is using natural and virgin oil. Not only does it boosts hydration but also promotes hair growth and smoothness. You can use a variety of oils to increase hydration on your scalp.

  • Coconut oil
  • Tea tree oil
  • Aloe Vera
  • Olive oil
  • Jojoba oil

3. Bananas for Dry Scalp 

Bananas are not only good for your health but are also a great treatment for the scalp. Bananas are amazingly nourishing and moisturizing and you can even use them to treat dandruff. All you need to do is mash the bananas with a few tablespoons of coconut oil and massage them for 10-15 minutes and wash your hair afterward. That’s it! 

4. Yogurt and Egg 

Yogurt and eggs are known for making your hair smooth and hydrated. The hydrating properties of yogurt can moisturize your hair making your hair get rid of dry scalp. Just mix a well-beaten egg in a few tablespoons of yogurt, massage it on your hair for 10 minutes and wash your hair.

5. Witch Hazel 

Witch hazel is an anti-itch ingredient that can relieve the itchiness on your dry scalp. It is specially designed for dry and sensitive skin, so you don’t have to worry about side effects if you have a sensitive scalp. Just mix one part of liquid witch hazel with two parts water or carrier oil and massage it on your scalp for 5 minutes and wash! Bad lifestyle habits may also trigger a dry scalp. So, here are some tips to prevent dry scalp by making a few changes in your lifestyle: 

  • Have a good diet! Load up your kitchen with food rich in Vitamin E, A, D, K, Biotin, zinc, and iron.
  • Drink a lot of water to keep your scalp hydrated and healthy.
  • Wash your hair less frequently. Only when needed.
  • Do not style your hair with heat like curlers, irons, and blow dryers.

These were some of the amazing scalp treatments for dry and damaged hair. If you do not see any change happening after doing all these treatments, you should consult a hair specialist or deep conditioning treatments available in the market.

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