The year 2020 has made all of us experts in one field or the other. Many people turned out to be a chef, some artists and a few of them as hairstylists. Everyone picked one or the other thing as their new found skill that they learnt at home during the pandemic. 

Anyhow, this striving endeavor has its own ups and downs. Especially for the budding coiffeur. There were many viral clips on Instagram and other social media platforms of DIY experiments gone wrong. The most common was of cutting bangs wrongly and hair color mistakes. 

Don’t know about the bangs but we have got you covered on the latter one. Regardless, if you are a pro or noob when it comes to hair coloring, it is only human to error. There are a few classic hair color mistakes that are bound to happen at least once in a lifetime.

However, if you are picking your brains on how to fix hair colour and how to avert the hair colour disaster, you are just at the right place. So calm down and keep scrolling!

A Guide to Fix Hair Colouring Mistakes

The easiest ways to fix the most classic hair color mistakes are:

1. Ended up with orange roots

We all have heard the famous title ‘Orange Is The New Black’, but that is it, just a popular title. It not at all looks good when it comes to hair. The orange roots or hot roots, as hairstylists like to call it, occurs when the new growth of hair i.e. the closest to the scalp turns orange or reddish in colour.

This classic mishap usually happens when you choose a shade lighter or redder than your current hair colour. Also, in some cases, the scalp tends to release heat that can affect the hair colour and cause a major fail to your DIY hair colouring.

Hair Colouring Mistake
Hair Colouring Mistake

Anyhow, there is nothing that can’t be fixed. Hence, to fix this hair colour disaster you need to reminisce your art lessons back in school. Put that high school nostalgia to some use and fix this rookie hair colour mistake.

For colour correction, you can use a purple, brass-busting shampoo or a cool violet Colour Reviving Gloss that will help you camouflage the colour of the roots with the rest of your tresses.

2. Left the colour longer than the required time frame

The hair colouring trend came a little later in India. People usually used Henna for hair dying. In Henna hair colouring procedure, it is believed that longer the while we put it on hair, darker will be the hair coloured. But when it comes to hair colouring with the new chemically synthesised hair colours, this Henna hair colouring time logic is not valid. 

On the contrary, it can cause a total hair colour disaster. Doing so can primarily give rise to two problems. One, your scalp skin might have a chemical reaction and turn red and itchy. Second, if you were trying to lighten your hair colour, it may just backfire. Instead, you might end up with darker and unnatural hair colour. 

Hair Colouring Mistake
Hair Colouring Mistake

Both of these problems can be treated. However, the latter might be a little tricky. For the first, apply some coconut oil and massage your hair. The cool soothing properties of coconut will help calm your scalp.

Whereas, in the latter problem, wash off the hair colour immediately if it has become really dark. This way you can avoid the hair colour build-up, use a clarifying shampoo preferably. If you don’t see any improvement, it is advised to seek professional help. 

3. Stained your skin with the hair dye

Only the extraordinarily talented ones could fill the colour properly in colouring books as kids. Their sophisticated and graceful colouring skills exhibited their artistic talent. The same applies to hair colouring as well. Most of us spill some colour outside our hairlines, into the forehead or neck area skin. 

Although the hair dye stain on our skin will eventually fade away over time with every wash, its presence can make us feel conscious. We may be clumsy but still appreciate perfection.

We have the right fix to keep your inner connoisseur at peace. Take a cotton pad and add some rubbing alcohol on it. Dab this cotton pad gently on the stained area. This will help remove your stain and clean the area as nothing ever happened.

However, people with sensitive skin need to be cautious about doing so. Other than this post hair colour mistake, a precautious method is to apply vaseline or petroleum jelly on your skin. This will prevent the hair dye from staining your skin. After all, Prevention is better than cure. 

4. Flimsy, plumbed and dull hair

One of the most epic hair colorings fails to include flimsy, flat, and lifeless hair as the aftermath. Amateur hairstylists can easily fall prey to this rookie mistake. The possible reason behind these hair color mistakes is mainly either of the following. 

It could be that you removed the product too early or you didn’t add enough amount of developer that is required. This can result in listless and dull hair.

However, you can be rescued and continue your adventure of DIY hair colouring without any hesitations in future. To correct this problem and bring back your lost hair shine, use a toning gloss or colour-reviving deep treatment hair mask. And to repair the hair colour problem, keep in mind that you add the pertinent amount of developer and leave it undisturbed for some time as mentioned in the instructions manual.

5. Missed a spot or patch

The happiest moment is when you are finally done with tiring mess and ready to check out your new hair colour. While admiring the new hair, you are struck by an epiphany that you missed a spot or patch of hair at the back can be traumatising. All your handwork feels wasted. Something like this very likely to happen even with the most experienced people. There is nothing to worry about. 

Hair Colouring Mistake
Hair Colouring Mistake

Don’t stress as this problem can be solved by finding a shade matching to your current hair hue. Although this is a temporary idea, for a more permanent solution it would be better to consult a professional or someone with expertise in the matter. 

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