All of us aren’t lucky in love or due to various other reasons, we often end up choosing arranged marriages. There are thousands of prospective partners available on the various matrimonial sites and the choice becomes extremely daunting. How do you know who is your Mr. Right? and how to find Mr. Right?

Marriages whether love or arranged determine how you spend more than half of your lifetime. In love marriages, you get to know your partner during long courtship. But this isn’t the case with arranged matches, where you hardly get a lot of time knowing your prospective partner. So in a limited time span how to choose the right person or how to find Mr. Right?

How To Find Best Person For You?

Here are the points by which you can find the best Mr. for you:

1. Social Media Stakeout

After you have narrowed down the list of potential men, look them up on social media. You can understand a man’s preference by looking at his social media profiles and whether they match your own liking.

2. Get to know them personally

In an arranged setting, you usually meet amidst family members, so it’s not the best way to get to know them. Ask them to meet in an informal setting and get to know what they are like in person, their likes and dislikes, interests and hobbies.

3. Know their beliefs

Since all the other societal criteria would be matched by parents, it is important to know their personal beliefs regarding woman’s emancipation and any other criteria, as it is directly dependent on your future well-being. It is important to be on the same wavelength.

4. Be realistic in your expectations

Mills & Boon and all the Bollywood movies have impacted our expectations of a Mr. Right. It is important to have a realistic expectation for a guy- he should be qualified, decent, kind and has an overall appealing personality. The bigger the expectation, the bigger is the disappointment.

5. Understand his family values

In India, marriages are not just about the girl and the guy but it is about family. So it is important to know their family values. If it is similar to your own, it gets easier to adjust. In a love marriage, you do not have this choice.

Best Person For You
Best Person For You

6. Compatibility

Don’t go by his looks, it is important to see how well you both communicate and how he listens when he is talking to you and others- whether it is with interest and respect or disdain. Also, a man with a good sense of humor is a good catch!

7. Confidence

A man should be confident and should be mentally stable to take on any challenges that life may throw at you. It is important to gauge his attitude towards others and your family members, as these are things that determine being happily married. Matches are made in heaven and arranged on Earth. Though parents play an important role, it should ultimately be your own decision. An arranged is a series of adventure, since everything that you both experience after marriage would be a new occurrence. 

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