How to Cope With a Miscarriage and Move Ahead

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Khadija Rahman
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From a young age when little girls pretend to be mothers to their dolls, they look forward to raising their own kids someday. Getting pregnant is one of the joys of life that a woman looks forward to. But, when that joy turns into tragedy, one might not know how to cope with it. Miscarriage or early pregnancy loss is an emotional and traumatic experience. But, it is very essential to have a after miscarriage care. Per 100 women in India, 6.37 women go through miscarriage for the first birth.

Since everyone is different, the way they react and deal with the news of miscarriage also differs. Unless one has experienced miscarriage personally, it is hard to understand how it might feel. 

There are several unfortunate reasons for miscarriage to happen. In most of the cases, the couple does not see it coming, which leads them into shock and denial. For the woman, it is more personal since she was carrying the baby. Some women felt angry towards the doctor, or the partner, while others blame themselves for not being able to protect the baby. They often drown in guilt and isolate themselves.

It is also normal to not feel any emotion and just be numb. This happens when a person is not able to accept the loss and is in denial. A lot of miscarriages happen when everything was going right. It is similar to the loss of a loved one. A normal reaction is to not accept what has happened. 

Miscarriage treatment: After miscarriage care for the woman

Express your emotions

When a woman is pregnant, she starts planning her life with the baby and looks forward to the little joys. But, suddenly when all of those dreams are shattered, a roller coaster of emotions follows. One may feel angry, despaired, frustrated, or even depressed. It is important to know that these feelings are completely normal and are an important part of the healing process. 

Even though the loss of an unborn child is irreparable, after miscarriage care is extremely important as one has to pick up the broken pieces and move on. One of the most important steps for a woman to move forward from a miscarriage is to acknowledge what happened. 

Reach out for support

When you go through a miscarriage, you will most likely hide behind closed doors as facing people might be quite unsettling. It is especially hard if you had announced the good news to family and friends. But, to heal, you have to take the difficult step and reach out to loved ones. Spend time with them to take your mind off of things. Ask for their help with chores or go shopping with them. This after miscarriage care will help you more than you could imagine.

Go for a After Miscarriage Care Therapy

Many people do not even consider going for a after miscarriage therapy as an option. They feel that it makes them appear ‘weak’ and ‘incapable of dealing with issues by themselves.’ This is completely untrue and stops many individuals and couples from seeking help when they need it. 

If you feel that you are not able to pick yourself up from this incident and move on, then counselling after miscarriage care will be helpful. The therapists are trained professionals who know just the way to make you feel better and help you recover in the best way possible.  You could go to a grief counsellor but, if the nature of your relationship with your partner is affected too, then couple counselling might help.

Talk to someone who has been through it

Although miscarriages are kind of a hushed-up topic, they aren’t uncommon. Chances are that you might know someone who had a miscarriage before. Talking to them will surely help you heal. Knowing that there is someone who understands your pain makes you feel secure. They might also be able to give you some tips on after miscarriage care that could help you come to terms with the loss. 

Having to go through a miscarriage is difficult enough. But, the road to recovery also takes work. However, it is crucial to give it time and seek help to completely recover from the trauma. This greatly affects the mental and physical well-being of the person. 

When the wound of a miscarriage is still new, it might feel like the end of the world. But, things get better eventually. Do not allow thoughts to go down the negative path or overwhelm you. Take it one day at a time. Indulge in self-care and do not cut yourself off from your loved ones. The first step to after miscarriage care is often the hardest but, it is also the most important one. 

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