Bored with your normal hair color and want to color your hair? Do you think you want to spice and color things up with them a bit? If you had a breakup or dealing with some crazy things in life, giving your hair a makeover is the best therapeutic method to feel better about yourself, and not to mention, to look way better. New hair comes with new feelings, new confidence, and a newfound love for yourself. Anyway, salons can charge crazy hiked-up prices for getting your hair colored. But did you know you can color your hair easily at home too? 

Tips To Color Hair At Home

In this article, we bring to you all the tips and methods you need to know about coloring your hair by yourself at home.

1. Pick Your Color 

It’s easy to get stunned by the hundreds of shades you can choose from. If this is your first time coloring your hair, it’s best to stick to a hair dye that is no more than two shades darker or lighter than your natural hair color. If you are new to coloring, you can also try dyeing your hair with a temporary or semi-permanent dye first. Using one of these types of dyes ensures that if you mess up, you won’t have lived with your mistake for a long time. Remember that you have to apply semi-permanent dye to damp hair.

2. Use A Tower Or Color Cape

The towel or cape around your shoulders will hold off any dye that may drip off of your hair during the dyeing process. You can purchase a color cape at any store. If you decide to use a towel, use one that is a dark color to prevent visibly staining the towel. Fasten the towel in the front of your neck with a safety pin or clip.

3. Use Gloves

Gloves usually come with a dye kit, but if they don’t, you can simply use normal rubber, vinyl, or latex gloves. Remember that it is important to wear gloves when dyeing your hair. If you do not, you will end up dyeing your hands too.

4. Mix Dye With Developer

This is only required with some dyes, the box your dye came in will have instructions regarding the developer. The developer is normally included in the kit. If it is not, you can get it at your local drugstore. If you need to buy your developer, choose a 20% developer.

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5. Section Your Hair

Use your comb to separate your hair into four sections. Use large, plastic salon clips that can be found at your local drugstore, to hold the hair sections apart. Separating your hair into these sections will ensure that you don’t miss any patch of hair.

6. Apply Dye

Apply the dye to your hair in different sections. Separate each section of hair up into smaller subsections as you work, this will help to make your dye job more even. Use the applicator bottle or brush to distribute the dye onto your hair. Use your gloved fingers to spread the dye into your hair. Where to begin applying the dye will depend on whether or not you have ever dyed your hair before.

  • If you are applying dye for the first time to your hair, start applying dye about 1 inch from your roots.
  • For touch-ups, apply dye about ½ inch from your roots.
  • Spread the dye into your hair well so that you do more than simply color the top layer of your hair.
  • The thicker your hair is, the smaller you should make your sections so that the dye can drench the hair fully.

7. Let It Set

Color Hair At Home
Color Hair At Home

Set a timer for how the time you need to leave the dye in your hair. Follow the instructions given in the box. Make sure to follow the given directions exactly. If you have a lot of grey hair, it’s advised to leave the dye in for the maximum amount of time. It may also be of help to sit under a heated dryer. Never leave the hair dye overnight. Leaving it overnight will dry out your hair and it may cause serious skin irritation as well.

8. Rinsing

Wait until the required time is up to rinse your hair. After your time is up, get into a shower or use a sink to rinse your hair out. Use warm water to rinse all the dye out of your hair. Wash your hair until the water runs clear. Wait at least an hour before applying shampoo to your hair. Waiting to wash allows the dye to nicely penetrate your hair shaft. After you apply shampoo to your hair, use the conditioner that came with the dye kit.

9. Drying

Dry your hair and style them as usual. You can either blow dry your hair or let it air dry itself. After your hair is dry, style it as you normally would and show off your new hair color!

These are the methods to use to color your hair at home. If you are not satisfied with your results, you may want to visit a salon for color correction. It is also recommended to wait at least two weeks to color your hair again. 

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