As lipsticks, hair dyes/colors have also common today as it too provides a long list of shades. However, many researchers reported that hair colors have a horrible side as well. In fact, they also say that hair colors can cause cancer. Shocked? This is just one hidden fact my friend, keep reading to know more about such factors as hair colors and dyes! 

When hair dye made its debut in the market, its main ingredient, that is the coal-tar dyes, lead to allergic reactions in several people. At the present time, most of the hair dyes are manufactured using various petroleum sources. However, you should know that the FDA still name them as the coal-tar dyes as these products have a few of the same compounds that were found in the dyes made earlier.

Some Safety Tips for You 

You should take certain precautions while bleaching, dyeing, or coloring your hair. Take a look at some of the safety tips that you should definitely follow: 

  • Never leave dye or color on your head longer than required.
  • Wash off your scalp completely using water. It is very important to thoroughly clean the hair dye/color from your head.
  • Use a pair of gloves when you apply hair color.
  • Follow the instructions given on the packet carefully.
  • Don’t mix two different hair dyes.
  • Make sure that you do a patch test to check any allergic reaction before using a dye to your hair. Most dye products contain directions to do a patch test. It is essential to do a test every time you color your hair.

To test, you just need to apply a small quantity of dye/color behind the ear & don’t rinse it for 2 days. In case you do not have any symptoms of allergic reactions like redness, burning or itching at the spot, then you can be sure to some extent that you will not have a reaction if you use the dye to your hair. And if you will experience a reaction to the patch test, then you should do the same test with various brands until you find a dye/color that is not allergic to you.

Never dye/color your eyelashes or eyebrows. The FDA has clearly banned the use of hair dyes on eyebrow and eyelash even in beauty salons as it causes an allergic reaction causing swelling as well as it increases the risk of infection in or around your eyes. These also result in blindness. And if you accidentally spill dye into your eye, then it can also lead to permanent damage.

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Dyeing Your Hair
Dyeing Your Hair

Can a Pregnant Woman Use Hair Dye/Color? 

Hair dyes are probably safe to apply during pregnancy and it won’t affect both moms as well as the fetus as there will be minimal absorption through the skin. Still, a pregnant woman should think twice about dyeing her hair, particularly products with coal-tar.

Permanent dyes are linked with an increased possibility of cancer.  A pregnant woman is already exposed to various pollutants as well as chemicals during pregnancy, in that case, hair dye will be just one more. Hair dyes are optional and hence it is your decision- do you want that an additional exposure?”


If you search on the internet, you will come across numerous studies that have stated that hair dyes/colors and the risk of some cancers are interlinked. Though, there are researches that haven’t found this link. However, remember that most of these hair dyes are sold in the market without any safety testing.

Cosmetic makers probably say that they don’t use any compound that causes cancer and a few chemicals have replaced all those agents that result in cancer. However, some experts still feel that all these new ingredients are not much different from those which are being replaced. Health experts clearly recommend that a person can easily reduce the possibility of cancer by using it less. So, what is your decision?

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