How Can Fast Metabolism Help You Gain Weight?

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Everyone wants to stay in good shape. We all struggle to achieve an ideal weight so that we look good and stay fit. Trying to gain weight when you have a body with a high metabolism is as hard as trying to lose weight. 

If you are too slim with a high metabolism and you are finding it hard to put on some weight, there is no need to worry. I will help you out with a few tips and tricks on how to gain weight in your situation. 

Before that, lets clear a factor that is used to define the ideal weight – Body Mass Index or BMI. You are officially underweight if your BMI is less than 18.5. You can calculate your BMI with this online calculator.

But again, BMI alone cannot define whether you are healthy weight wise or not. The reason is, your bone mass is not included in BMI. If your bone mass is less comparatively then, naturally you will weigh less than usual people.

Anyway, the main thing is if you are losing weight or you have been underweight for quite some time now, it is not good for your health. 

High metabolism meaning(also called fast metabolism)?

To have a high metabolism, it is considered lucky. If you have a fast metabolism, your body will burn calories rapidly in comparison to an average individual.

In a way, this is a good thing. But with a fast metabolism, it is essential to follow a good and healthy diet. Otherwise, it will lead to a loss of weight. 

Some signs of high metabolism:

  1. You have a high body temperature at all times with excess sweating
  2. You have to poop a lot 
  3. Sleeplessness
  4. You feel hungry very often
  5. Irregular periods

However, to get a confirmed answer whether you have a fast metabolism or not, you need to get a medical opinion. 

How to eat with a fast metabolism?

Yes, fast or high metabolism can be seen as a blessing for us women. Eating like crazy and not gaining weight, who doesn’t want that? But, just because you have a fast metabolism, eating lots of unhealthy food will do no good to your body.

Yes, maybe you will gain weight, but that is the unhealthy weight gain. YOU DO NOT WANT THAT!

high metabolism

So, if you have a high metabolism, it is important that you include lots of food but it should be healthy. Yes, every now and then some junk food is fine but you should never overeat. high metabolism can be either a boon or a burden. It is up to you on how to bring the best out of it. 

Also, if you think that no matter how much you eat, you don’t gain weight. This is because you aren’t including enough of the good stuff in your diet. 

The right and easy ways to gain weight with a fast metabolism

Gaining weight and losing weight, both are equally hard if it has something to do with the rate of metabolism. 

To gain weight the right way, including the below mentioned into your daily diet is a must– 

  • Increase your calorie intake 

Since your body burns calories rapidly, you have to keep up with the pace and consume calories according to that. 

  • Consume lots of protein

The healthiest way to gain weight is with proteins. The aim of weight gain should be growing your muscles. Food with high protein content such as meat, fish, egg whites, nuts, dairy products should be consumed. 

  • Include the good fats in your diet

Not all fats are bad. There is good fat and there is bad fat. Include fat into your diet in the right way with – avocado, cheese, dark chocolate, egg yolk, sea fish, nuts, full-fat yogurt, coconuts.

  • Break your meals into portions

It is unhealthy when we gulp lots of food at one go. The standard rule which is followed to gain weight is to have at least three to five meals a day with lots of carbs, good fats, and proteins. Apart from the meals, make some healthy salad or nut mixture and fruits to help with the process. 

In short, consume a diet rich in nutrient value.

How to make the weight gain process effective? 

  • Drink plenty of water but not before you have your meals. This will make your stomach feel full but it isn’t really. In turn, you consume fewer calories, which is bad.
  • Drink whole milk. 
  • Get proper sleep. 
  • Follow a good workout routine which involves weight training.
  • No smoking.
effective ways to gain weight with fast metabolism

For best results, approach a doctor and a certified dietician to help you with the weight gain. Everyone’s body is different and requires different nutrient intake. So proper guidance is important. 

Achieving weight gain with a high metabolism is tough if you want to do it the right way. But with dedication, lots of perseverance and consistency, you will gain weight eventually. Good things take time. So, don’t lose hope and give your best shot. 

Stay Healthy♥

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