Pains and aches have always been a part and parcel of joy of pregnancy. Our changing body is giving more and more strain to our ligaments and muscles which causes pain in different parts of the body. It is quite normal but exhausting at the same time. There are different pain killers subscribed by the doctors but they can harm your baby so it is better to keep them at bay. From the first day of the pregnancy until the last one, a pregnant woman has a number of pains, pregnancy cramps, and numbness. It is important to take proper rest at this time and try to relax. 

Pain During Pregnancy

Here you will find a number of pains and aches during pregnancy and home remedies to cure them:

  • Headaches–Heaviness or a squeezing pain on both sides of your head is a signal of tension headache. They can occur throughout your pregnancy. This is a harmless pregnancy symptom but can be quite disturbing. To cure this, take 6-8 hours of sleep to keep your mind relaxed and stable. Frequent head massages can make you feel extremely lighten. Drink hot milk, hot water and you can also listen to some soothing music for mind relaxation.
  • Abdomen cramps– Cramping is the result of uterus expansion when the muscles stretch due to growing baby inside you. They can be mild for some women while others feel a very sharp pain in the abdomen. This is the time to relax and try changing positions when you lie down. Take a hot water bath or put a heating pad wrapped in a towel on the aching area. Make sure you drink plenty of fluids especially warm ones. Drinking herbal tea or hot milk may also help. If the pain becomes unbearable contact your doctor for help.
  • Leg cramps– It is a common symptom of the third trimester. Leg cramps or restlessness in legs can be due to excessive phosphorus or deficiency of calcium in the body. That uncomfortable sensation in the legs and constant urge for movement can also be due to iron or folic acid deficiency, for which you may need to take in supplements. Do calf stretches by flexing your heels before going to bed. You can also massage your calves to relax the muscles. Take long walks and avoid sitting in a particular position for a long time. Dip your feet in a hot water tub or you can even put a hot water bottle on the hurting area.
  • Lower back pain– Increase in the size your belly directly affects the hips and the lower back. It causes heaviness and pain making the pregnant woman restless. Though it is quite normal, there are some home remedies you can follow to get relief from pregnancy cramps. Sleeping on your side with a pillow between your legs opens up your hips which gives a relaxation to the lower back. Light massages and heating pads will also help. Try to keep your spine straight. A tilted spine harms the lower back. Doing gentle yoga and stretching under professional supervision can help in relaxing the muscles. Also, avoid wearing heels as that puts more pressure on the back. While sleeping on a side, place a cushion under your belly to lighten the weight.
Pain During Pregnancy
Pain During Pregnancy

Pregnancy cramps, ache and pains might disturb you throughout your pregnancy tenure but they will all go away when your little one comes out. To avoid getting pains, keep your body muscles active and do some exercises every day under the supervision of a professional. Pregnancy is full of ups and downs but it is all going to be worth it in the end.

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