The way our body feels when we start our day can have a huge effect on our mood. For example, if you start the day with your skin fresh and glowing, the rays of the sun will automatically feel much warmer and kinder as you step out of your house.

On the other hand, if you look into the mirror to find a puffy and bloated face, you can find yourself already drained without even having done anything. As our mood affects our skin, our skin also affects our mood. Thus, taking care of your body and maintaining skin health is an important part of one’s self-care routine. 

Most of us are aware of the woes of abdominal bloating but did you know that the same bloating can spread to other areas too? There are a lot of reasons why you may be waking up with a puffy and bloated face, including your diet, allergies, skin-care routine, etc. While you may dismiss this as an occasional problem that goes away on its own, this could be your body’s way of indicating certain unhealthy habits that you have developed. 

It is important to pinpoint the reasons so that you can lead a much healthier lifestyle, devoid of any kind of problems. And if you want to know how to get started by learning how to reduce facial bloating, we are right here with a few homemade remedies for puffy face ready for you!

Causes of Puffy or Bloated Face

Knowing how to reduce facial bloating can be a good starting point when it comes to leading a healthier lifestyle. A lot of times, the signs that our body shows are indicators towards certain parts of our routine that are in dire need of a change.

As much as we try to take our of ourselves, the occasional fumbles and mistakes are common. Often, these little missteps can build-up to make a full unhealthy habit. It is only when we recognize the root cause of these habits that we can fix the entire pattern. Thus, while trying to get rid of facial puffiness at home, it is important to also recognize the bad habits that caused it in the first place and putting an end to them, as well.

Here are a few possible causes of puffy or bloated face:

  • Your diet, which may contain an excess of sodium, which leads your body into retaining water in certain areas, making you look puffy.
  • Allergies to certain things such as medication, food, insect bites etc. can give you a swollen-looking face.
  • Certain skin conditions such as cellulitis can also result in swelling around the face.
  • Lack of sleep and sleeping the wrong way can also cause your face to look puffy in the morning.
  • Many other possible causes such as a sinus infection, a sunburn, an injury, etc.

As you can see, there are both lighter as well as more worrisome causes behind facial bloating. It is important to recognize the cause before trying out any tips to get rid of puffy face because there could be proper medical treatment required in case the reason is serious. Thus, if you have any reason to suspect something more concerning to be a cause of your bloated face, go to the doctor immediately.

Tips to Get Rid of Puffy Face

Now that you have become aware of the problem, it is time to get into talking about the various home remedies for puffy face. The reason why we are discussing home remedies is that they tend to be on the safer side while also being easily available. There are many ingredients that you would find right inside your kitchen that can make many powerful natural remedies for a number of causes. 

Along with this, certain simple changes made in your lifestyle can also make a huge difference. Thus, when we talk about tips to get rid of facial puffiness, this is certainly a good place to begin. Remember to still be careful while trying out these methods and make sure that you are not allergic to any products involved. A gradual,  consistent journey lets your body slowly adapt to these new habits so that it settles into a healthier routine naturally, making it last longer. 

Here are the best home remedies for puffy face

1. Improve your Diet

Your food choices could be the culprit behind your problem and so, improving them is the number one method on this list of tips to get rid of puffy face. When you eat salty, greasy food at night before going to bed, you end up consuming a lot of sodium. To balance this intake of sodium, your body retains water in certain areas. This is why we often wake up with a bloated tummy and a puffy face after a fun night out.

Puffy Face
Puffy Face

Thus, while you deserve to go wild with the food every once in a while, try to make healthier choices whenever possible. While cutting down on the sodium, you can go for foods which have anti-inflammatory properties, such as green leafy vegetables, fresh fruit, nuts, fatty fish like mackerel and tuna, etc. While trying these food home remedies for puffy face, remember to be on the lookout for any food allergies and conditions such as lactose intolerance.

2. Limit the Alcohol 

A glass or two of your favorite drink may be fine occasionally, but drinking too much alcohol can lead to a puffy face because alcohol dehydrates the body, which makes the skin and other vital organs retain water. Thus, try to cut back on the alcohol on those nights out and make sure to drink plenty of water daily to keep your skin well-hydrated. 

3. Use a Cold Compress 

A cold compress can be a good way to get rid of facial puffiness. For this, take a washcloth and run it under cold water or place it in the freezer, depending on how cool it gets. Then, wring it out and gently press it against the skin or eyes for a few minutes. You can also use other methods such as placing cooled slices of cucumber on your eyes.

4. Change Your Sleeping Habits

Lack of proper sleep, sleeping on your face, etc. can be causes of that puffy face, too. Thus, try to sleep with a pillow tucked under your head and get sufficient rest at night. You may be surprised at the amount of difference this makes. This is the magic of the simplicity of home remedies for puffy face!

Puffy Face
Puffy Face

5. Treat Your Allergies

Try to notice if your facial puffiness is in response to a particular stimulus because allergies can also be the reason. While mild allergies may only cause some puffiness, severe allergies can have serious reactions such as swelling of the lips, throat and tongue. Thus, make sure to go to the hospital in case of severe allergic reactions. For milder ones, methods such as a cold pack, antihistamines, etc. may work.

6. Improve your Skincare Routine

Making makeup removal mistakes, using products which are not suitable for your skin and being harsh on the sensitive areas of skin when it comes to exfoliation can cause puffy face.

Puffy Face
Puffy Face

It is important to be gentle with your skin, especially the areas under your eyes and around your mouth. Use products which suit your skin and make sure to remove your makeup properly before going to bed. Just these improved skincare habits can work wonders as homemade remedies for puffy face. 

Leading a Healthy Skin-Care Lifestyle

Remember that changing to a healthier routine means undoing a lifetime’s worth of habits, so you should be patient with yourself first and foremost. Look for safe ways of facial slimming, combined with a healthy diet and drinking lots of water. Progressing gradually is good because it lets your body adjust to this new lifestyle and allows you to take your time with growth.

If you slip up a couple of times or more, don’t be discouraged. Health is a lifelong journey—what matters is that you start somewhere! 

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