A person having dry hands many times feels embarrassed to shake hands or respond to high-five. They become very conscious socially. Our hands go through so much of physical work that they become dry. Although, this dryness can either be blamed on the occupation of the person or the changing weather. 

Anyhow, dry hands may seem like a big problem but in reality, it is not. Dry hands is a reversible problem and can easily become soft with proper nourishment and care. With the help of home remedies for dry hands that we have mentioned for you, you can say bye-bye to dry, flaky and sensitive hands and welcome soft hands with open arms. 

Best Home Remedies for Dry Hands

Below are the mind-blowing home remedies for dry hands:

1. Sweet Almond Oil 

Oils are the best thing to restore lost moisture from the skin. They combat dryness and makes your skin supple and smooth. Applying   Sweet Almond Oil is one of the perfect remedies for dry cracked hands. It is a hassle-free technique to do by yourself at the comfort of your homes.

Dry Hands
Dry Hands

Just massaging your hands once a day with sweet almond oil and leave it until it is absorbed by your skin, this will do wonders on your skin. The fatty acids present in the almond oil will help you restore the moisture balance in your skin and make your hands softer than ever. 

In addition, the rich nutrient properties of almond benefit the skin cells and make it brighter, smoother and radiant.

2. Aloe Vera Extracts

Aloe Vera is a healing plant and the king of medicinal plants. The medicinal properties of this plant are endless. There is no problem that Aloe Vera can not solve. Be it your hair, skin or health in general, this plant got you covered! And no, we are not exaggerating. Almost every commercial brand for hair and skincare use Aloe Vera as their primary ingredient in their formulas. Anyhow, now that you are aware of its importance, let us discuss how it helps to get rid of soft hands. 

Apply some Aloe Vera gel on your hands and leave it on for about 30 minutes. Doing this for a few days consistently can show amazing results. Your hands will become soft, naturally moisturised and radiant. The only one ingredient, single-handedly, that can do all this in a short span of time i.e. Aloe Vera.

3. Raw Honey

Almost everyone loves sweet things like honey. Honey is a natural sweetener that has many rich nutritional values embedded in it. The soft semi-solid texture of honey has a velvety touch on the skin. Applying honey on hands and gently rubbing it can make your palms soft.

Keep honey as a mask for about 30 minutes and then rinse it. Simply doing this at least for a few days religiously can help you get rid of rough hands easily. So don’t delve on the question of how to get soft hands anymore and use this home remedy immediately. 

4. Egg Yolk

We know that the first thing that comes to your mind after reading is the unbearably stinky smell of it. Sadly, there is truth in the famous quote ‘No Pain, No Gain’. Although everyone is aware of the benefits of egg yolk and its amazing natural properties that are beneficial for hair. Many people use it as a natural hair conditioner or hair mask.

Dry Hands
Dry Hands

But the benefits of the egg yolk doesn’t end at this, it happens to be tremendously instrumental in softening hands. To have hand rejuvenation at-home session, get an egg yolk and whisk it properly. Apply this whisked egg yolk on your hands and gently massage it. 

Doing this procedure at least thrice a week will help you condition your hands naturally. Out of all the home remedies for dry hands, this one ace the chart with its instant mind-blowing results. 

5. Petroleum Jelly

This home remedy to get soft hands is straight from our little black book. Petroleum jelly is a very famous thing when it comes to healing cracked lips. The healing properties of this jelly are no alien to anyone. Applying a soft coat of petroleum jelly and leaving it overnight can show instant results. You will wake up with baby-soft hands and be free of any worries.

6. Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Extra Virgin Coconut oil is a multipurpose product as we all already know. It can be applied, consumed raw or used for cooking. The natural properties of coconut are loaded with the good stuff. Coconut has nourishing and healing properties that can make your skin health improve. The nutrient-rich extra virgin coconut oil lightens, brighten, hydrate and moisturise your skin. 

Dry Hands
Dry Hands

Thus, all these qualities make it one of the best home remedies to get a soft hand. Apply it on your and leave it overnight by keeping it covered with gloves. This remedy will help you get smooth and soft hands within a few days.

7. Yoghurt Blended With Multani Mitti

Two of the most favorite ingredients of Indians when it comes to DIYs. Almost everyone has used either of the two at least once in their life to get rid of skin or hair problems. As we are aware of the heat and sun damage taking place during Indian summer days, these two ingredients come to our rescue.

Yoghurt blended with Multani mitti is a magical paste that helps to go through these Summer days free of any worries. This paste can help retain moisture and get rid of the tan or sun damage. It has a cooling effect which makes it the best remedy, especially during summers.

The healing properties of yoghurt along with Multani mitti’s property to fight tan makes it an amazing scrub. Use this blend by applying it on the skin and leaving it for 15 minutes. After the paste dries out, rub it off. This way it scrubs or exfoliates all the impurities and help retain moisture in your hands. Doing this on alternate days can show amazing results.

We hope you find these remedies useful. However, just in case, if your dryness persists over 2 weeks, it is suggested to consult an expert in medical healthcare and get tested for any medical issues.

Anyhow, all these remedies are natural and won’t harm your skin.

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