‘Home is where the heart is’- as a popular saying goes. A home need not be wealthy, large or a luxurious to set the heart in. It should be a comfortable space which reminds the person of deepest feelings and values and makes him own it. One needs a sacred space to be called home, something of his/her own, not money. It should be a place made of love, creativity, imagination as well as inspiration.

The Importance of ‘Home’

Home means a sanctuary, a place to rest and enjoy time with oneself and family or to be just be at times. Homes say a lot about the health. a home and health of the owner is interconnected. A chaotic home would define a person with a messy and unhealthy lifestyle and habits. An organized and clean home would depict a person who has healthy habits and is organized in his/her life.

Some of the interconnections between home and health are:

1. Dishes Size

Did you know the dishes size affects the waist size? This is true. Studies have shown that when people use large plates and huge bowls, they tend to take larger servings of food to fill them up. This results in them eating more than required and subsequently an increase in their weight and waist size. To avoid this, try taking healthier foods on bigger plates and the less healthy ones on the smaller bowls. This will ensure you satisfy your hunger and cravings with healthier foods.

2. Food Leftovers

Storing leftovers in an unhealthy way highlights a negative image of your health. Eating entire portions of food is always the best way. However, if food needs to be stored, it should be done properly in a refrigerator in an airtight container to avoid formation of bacteria and decontamination.

3. Screens in Bedroom

Television, Netflix, the Internet is all diversions to a good night’s sleep. It shows you don’t get a good quality sleep at night and your brain takes a lot of time to calm and sleep as the light from screens wakes up the brain. To get a good sleep at night, shut down screens and television an hour before bedtime.

4. Sleeping with Pets

Sleeping with a cat and dog can be alluring, however it is a disturbance to your sleep. Pets often takes up space in bed, create noises and moves around at night. As such, it disrupts your sleep too leaving you with half sleep and a messy day ahead.

5. Comfortable Mattress

Invest in a good mattress if you feel uncomfortable sleeping in your current one. If you wake up sore and stiff, surely your mattress is to be blamed! Replace the mattress after a period of 8 years and change pillow when they are lumpy.

6. Bathroom Cleanliness

Bathrooms should always be well-ventilated and airy. A stuffed and suffocated bathroom with no proper ventilation will lead to molds forming on the surfaces. Molds cause great health issues, nose and throat infection. Make the bathroom ventilated and drive away steam with fan or window.

7. Inspiring Decor

Color of a home and creativity are interconnected. The color and brightness of home inspire the owner to be creative and think out of the box. The person also is capable of performing detailed oriented tasks and is productive at work. Always choose inspiring colors for your home to increase your productivity.

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Home and Health
Home and Health

8. Clear Water

Unhealthy water from tank or supply water causes serious health hazards and infections. These hazards can be a stomach bug to a neurological disorder. You should install a water purifying agents and water filtration machines at home to ensure your family gets the safest and cleanest water to drink!

9. Fresh Air

Fresh air in the home gives a comfortable and healthy feel to the residents. Homes should be well ventilated and have windows to let fresh air come inside the house. Air pollutants at home can lead to health problems like respiratory issues or even cancer. As such, fresh air is essential for a home.

10. Dust Accumulation

Never let dust accumulate at home. Dust in flooring and furniture can cause health problems and serious allergies. Always clean the utilities with duster and mop with a wet cloth to ensure a cleaner environment. Good health comes from a clean and well-organized home. A home with fresh air, well ventilated and sunshine is always a healthy place. Be it a large or a small house, home is where the heart always resides in!

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