The living room decor ideas can be a bit hard to crack because it’s not just about making it look aesthetically appealing. There should also be an element of comfort. Your living room is going to be a witness of various important moments in your life. The most comfortable and fun-filled times are spent in the living room. Starting from the first meal of the day to the last, the living room is the venue for all. If you’ve been planning on setting up a new place or renovating an old one and you’re wondering how to decorate the living room, we’re here to save you some of the stress and effort. In this article, we’ll be talking about home decor ideas for a living room. Read along! 

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Home Living Room Decor Ideas

Here are the  9 Living Room Decor Ideas To Give You Inspiration:

1. Comfy Couches 

Living room decor cannot do without a cozy and comfortable couch. Choosing couches have to be according to the overall aesthetic of your room and how you prefer it to be. If you’re inclined towards the neutrals, opt for whites, blacks, and pastel shades. 

Comfy couches
Comfy couches

If you want to keep the overall vibe muted, do it, and add some color in the form of bright cushions and overlays. On the other hand, bold colors look good on couches or sofa sets when the background and other details are more on the cooler-toned side. 

2. Wall Art 

Living room wall decor has become quite easy nowadays with the advent of beautiful and innovative wall stickers. These just got to be purchased and pasted on the wall carefully, for a smooth finish, and voila, your wall art’s going to be ready. If you want to do wall art on your own and give momentum to your creativity, nothing like it. Living room decor becomes way more special if it has a personal touch to it. Choose designs and patterns that match your vibe and vision. The options are endless. 

3. Paintings 

There’s something about good paintings that not only heighten the beauty of the room but also look extremely sophisticated. Invest in paintings and enhance your living room wall decor in no time. You can go for a single statement piece or invest in smaller ones, depending on how you’d like your wall to look. If you like to paint, you can frame your paintings as well. That way, you’d have your little creative corner that would make your living room look and feel more like home. 

4. Photo Frames 

Pictures have always been important parts of home decor, especially when it comes to living room decor. You either have pictures of your moments with your loved ones or you can create a mood board with images that define you and your choices. 

Photo frames
Photo frames

Symmetrical photo frames and Pinterest pictures are quite trendy nowadays, as far as home decor ideas for living rooms are concerned. These look the best on plain, non-textured walls or wallpapers. Another interesting way to jazz up your living room walls is by adding custom wood signs. These add a certain rustic and personalized charm to your home. Get a motto that you believe in or even the family name engraved and let your guests be awed by this unique decor idea.

5. Plants 

Having plants at home is very beneficial and adds to its charm as well. Plants are a refreshing addition to living room decor and make the ambiance cool and less stuffy. Some plants need considerable time and effort for maintenance but certain plant species can be sustained with minimum labor. If you want to invest in plants, you’ve got to choose them wisely, keeping in mind the time that you would be able to provide for looking after them. The pots or tubs that would hold the plants should also be purchased accordingly.

6. A Swing 

Houses that were built in older times often used to have swings or swing-like chairs in the living room. A similar trend has come back and keeping a small swing at home is quite common nowadays. These round or oval one-seater swings not only look very adorable but can be quite therapeutic when you spend some time on them. After all, who isn’t fond of swings? We all are, for sure. So, if you’ve been eyeing that swing you have on your wishlist for ages, order it right away! 

7. Book Shelf 

If you’re a bookworm like us, your living room needs a bookshelf, showcasing your favorite books. Bookshelves are a great way to elevate the look of your living room decor. Arrange them in order, according to your discretion, and choose a suitable size of a shelf to fit all of them. Even if you’re not able to exhibit all your books, you should at least have the best ones or the ones that have a special significance in your life.

Book shelf
Book shelf

8. Coffee Table 

Living room decor without a tea or a coffee table is incomplete for sure. These are usually placed in front of couches to make the living room look cohesive. You could keep the table bare or add a few decorative pieces as well, like a vintage flower vase or a lampshade. Coffee tables shouldn’t be too small or too large but just the perfect size for laying out evening snacks. 

9. Carpets 

You may have beautiful floor marbles, stone tiles, or floor papers to adorn the floor but carpets enrich their look and are extremely comfortable as well.  The selection of carpets should be based on the color palette of the rest of the living room decor. Make sure to clean the carpets regularly, to sustain their quality and color, so that they last long. 


Now that you have a fair idea of how you should go about with your living room decor, you can start shortlisting ideas for the various essentials of the living room. If you go by our suggestions, you’re sure to be satisfied since most of the decor pieces mentioned above do a great job in making your living room look good and polished. 

Experiment with different colors and patterns when it comes to the choice of materials and fabrics for decor pieces and find out what catches your eye. Shopping for home decor is tiring, but very satisfying at the same time. What are you waiting for? Get started already!

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