8 Best Hand Wrinkles Smoothening Ways

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Hand Wrinkles
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Whatever you do, you’re probably using your hands a lot. We spend a lot of time working with our hands and they get a lot of exposure to dust and the sun, but we spend most of our money on cosmetics and skincare for our face. While this is quite natural, it’s also important to ensure that our hands are in decent shape. 

Hand Wrinkles can occur as you age, and while that is one of the many accepted signs of aging, you can also work to minimize the damage to some degree. Wrinkles on your hands can also be caused by dehydrated skin, lack of proper nutrition, exposure to the sun, and certain medical conditions. Read on to find out how you can smoothen out your wrinkles!

1. Moisturise, Moisturise, Moisturise

This is probably one of the most effective, long-term things you can do to minimize the appearance of wrinkles on your hands. It will improve the elasticity of your skin, make it softer, and obviously give it a shot of hydration. You can purchase a hand cream specifically for this purpose instead of using your go-to skin moisturizer. Make sure that you try to incorporate it into a regular part of your routine so that you don’t keep forgetting. You can use an anti-aging cream if you feel like you need to take a drastic step.

2. Exercise

This might seem like a surprising thing to do to try to reduce hand wrinkles, but it can help. Exercising helps blood circulation along, and sweating helps remove toxins from the skin. You can also focus specifically on hand exercise to strengthen the muscles, and even try to get some hand massages to get the blood flowing. So go ahead and hit the gym.

3. Sun Protection

Sunscreen is very important, but especially so if you’ve got hand wrinkles that need to be taken care of. Wear sunscreen regularly to avoid sunburn and wrinkles, or use creams that have SPF in them.

4. Use Lemon Juice

Hand Wrinkles

Lemons are full of antioxidants and can work wonders for your hand wrinkles. Squeeze some lemons and apply the juice to your hands. You can also make a mixture of lemon juice and milk (which has anti-aging properties) and apply that. Wash it off after around twenty minutes. Do this regularly and hopefully, you should see some improvements. 

5. Don’t Overwash

Some people are very scrupulous about washing their hands regularly, and while this is a good thing, there’s such a thing as overwashing. Too much water can make your skin less elastic and it will start to loosen. Additionally, it might be useful to consider changing your soap too. Try to use a gentle, moisturizing soap. Natural, handmade soaps with fresh ingredients can work very well for this.

6. Try Bananas

The banana paste can be surprisingly good for hand wrinkles, especially if the banana is a bit overripe. It has a lot of vitamins and minerals. Apply the paste, wait till it dries a bit, and then you can wash it off with warm water. You can do this about twice a week and achieve some good results.

7. Use Tomato Juice

Tomato juice has lycopene which is an antioxidant. It can be very good for your skin. Mashup some ripe tomatoes and apply the paste, or blend some and pour the juice into a bowl and then dip your hands in it. You can also drink tomato juice and get some of those benefits. 

8. Use Carrot Paste

Carrots have a ton of Vitamin A and they can help with collagen production, and can therefore be very good for smoothing out wrinkles. Peel some carrots and boil them until they soften. Blend them until you get a paste, and you can add in some honey too (it’s a natural moisturizer, an antioxidant, and will help prevent further wrinkling). Once you apply the paste to your hands, you can leave it on for about twenty to thirty minutes. Then rinse it off with water.   

Feel free to use a few of these methods and find out what works for you. There are also several skincare products out there for the purpose of reducing hand wrinkles specifically, but make sure you pick ones which aren’t too harsh on the skin. However, it’s not a major problem.

Wrinkles are natural as you age, and we all have to learn to accept them, and to understand that there’s nothing inherently ugly about them. 

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