I love kids to another level, and that makes me wonder how curious you may be to get your baby to do things for the very first time. It is a priceless odyssey to see your baby mumble ma and pa, crawl, struggle with getting up for the first time. 

All these are the moments that your baby gifts you. You can get a whole lot of albums with just your baby pulling their first kick or that baby smile. Aww, such sweet memories!!!

I know you must be eagerly waiting for the day when your baby stands and walks for the first time. Your wait is going to fructify honey, the day is not very far from now. Read the article and you will get all your answers about when your baby will start to walk and how you can help them succeed. 

When will your kid start to walk? 

When will my kid turn into a toddler? How many months will it take to change crawl to walk? My eyes and waiting to see that day and I’ll go without a blink!!! Oh God, how far is the day!!You need to pause here, please!!!

I can feel that eagerness within you while you read the above. And this is super cute. Okay coming back to the business, if you want me to answer you briefly and squarely then my answer to the above question will be, your baby will start to walk between 8 to 16 months. And if you have patience then kindly go through my detailed answer:

Look, every kid is different and is the best version of themselves. So do not compare your baby with your sisters or brothers or in general, anyone’s kid. The things that your baby do, are influenced by the uniqueness and abilities of your baby and not your neighbors. They are independent beings and judging how fast that kid near your office walked has no damn thing to do with how fast your ‘a month old’ should.

You need to understand that it is perfectly awesome if your kid starts to walk to the end of the spectrum. You are lucky, you had a long journey of watching your kid try to walk. Anyways, no parents want their kids to grow faster (applies to a month- 8 years or so). In general, your kid would begin walking anytime between 8- 16 months. Some may start early while for some others the day comes later. And yeah, it is also dependent on how you define walking.

Some parents will boast that their kid started walking at 9 months. They will remain out of the world, and you will go wow with your jaws apart. But they are usually the kind of people for whom walking means the type of walking that baby does while holding on to something, and to be exact and outspoken, this is what the baby dictionary terms cruising. So they will be denoting walking but actually, it will be cruising. 

Be sure of what you mean by walking. For this article, walking will be the steps taken by your kid without holding onto anything.

Signs of Walking By Months

Signs of Walking
Signs of Walking

Your baby will start indicating some signs that they are ready to walk. So pay assiduity and watch your baby go toddler.

6-9 months: your baby will try to sit up unassisted. The next thing that they will try to do is either crawl or directly walk. If your kid straight forward tries to walk then also they will come back to the crawling stage.

9-12 months: here your baby will pull themselves up to a standing position. They may even try to stand by holding furniture, or the bed. They may even cruise. And this is where the confusion starts to enter the scene. Because cruising is much similar to walking and it is only up to you how you define walking.

12-18 months: that kiddo or yours is now an eligible toddler. They may be wobbly or very unsteady on their feet, but not to worry, with time and practice they will do fine. If you do not see your kid trying to stand up until 15 months, then you can approach a pediatrician. You can confirm if you should worry or not. 

Signs of Walking
Signs of Walking

How to Help Your Baby Walk?

Here's how you can help your baby walk. 

1. Trust your baby

Trust your baby and let her do the way she wants. Do not force her to do anything or even do not restrict her to doing something that is not dangerous or harmful.

2. Try not to use a baby walker

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) restricts the use based on the safety risks and lack of benefits.

3. Let them develop naturally

Let your baby learn naturally. Do not impose any artificial inventions to hamper their natural process of trying to walk. This is way worth looking at them try on their own. 

4. Baby proof

Keep your baby in a safe place. They are more likely to walk if they are safely surrounded. Now without any worry and with patience, enjoy the moments that your kid offers you. You are never going to get these days back. Experience the best motherhood now.

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