Usually, an infant starts to take their first steps or attempts to walk around 1018 months. Though it is different for all kids and they learn at their own pace. Help your baby walk is your choice and call. There are a few exercises to help your baby walk and a few activities to encourage walking in babies. 

If your kid starts to roll over or sit up by themselves you can introduce them to some more activities. But always remember that this process is always different for every kid and they learn at their own pace, instead of forcing things on them. 

Before starting to teach your baby to walk, notice the different actions that indicate that your baby is trying to get up and move around a lot. Then this would be the right time to introduce them to the next step. 

How To Help Your Baby Walk?

When you got the initial signs baby will walk soon you can get going to prepare for the next steps- 

1. Start by helping them stand up 

In this first stage of teaching babies to walk, help them stand up on your lap and let them bounce on your feet to let their feet learn about the pressure little by little. You can also get them a chair to move around with a little support but always make sure that you are around them while they are learning this as this could be very dangerous for them. 

2. Use things as baits

You can use their toys or other things that fascinate them as bates that they will try to grasp. Make sure that they are always a little above their reach so they stretch their body to get it. Once they are able to reach that length make sure to set a higher goal for next time. 

3. Help them stand to on the floor

After the beginning stretches and jumps it’s time for your baby to get to know about the floor. Help them to stand on their feet on the surface or floor. You can also bend their knees a little to develop their leg muscles as they are slowly learning a whole new activity. 

4. Time to Cruise 

After your baby starts to stand a little with your aid, it’s time to move to the next major step. Keep their toy at a higher place for them to grasp on that and push themselves up and stand on their feet. 

Baby Walk
Baby Walk

After your kid learns this trick there won’t be any stopping then. Line some stuff parallel to that item for them to use as support and cruise around. This is a great way they learn to use their leg muscles. 

Keep in Mind– While your baby is learning to take their first step it is your responsibility to make sure that they are safe while they are learning. So, it is very important to baby proof the house beforehand. 

5. Repetition and Exercises 

As your kid is learning it is very important to let them practice these exercises more often as repeated use of these exercises will make their leg muscles develop in the proper manner and also ensure that there won’t be any major injury when they finally start to walk. 

6. It is OKAY to Fall 

While your baby is going through this process of learning this new thing, they are bound to fall multiple times and it is okay. Although it is necessary to keep them away from any major danger and baby proof the house of put barricades near the gates or stairs so they don’t hurt themselves. 

7. Introduce games to make it fun

These are very nice ways to help them practice more but also encourage them. Sit on one side of the room and let them come to you whether it’s by cruising or by taking little steps towards you. Encourage and cheer them while they are at it. Also, the more people to help the better. 

8. Reward them 

This is also very important as this motivates your child to repeat again. Always reward them and appreciate them when they do even a bit as it helps to develop them and thinking that it is a fun activity for which I get so much! I should do that again. 

9. Don’t force them your child

You have to realize that every child takes their time with these things and forcing them to do something that they are not ready for is not good. It might result to be fatal in the longer run. 

Another thing is that comparing your child with the growth of other kids was never right and will never be. So, let your kid enjoy this process and do everything at their pace. 

10. Let them walk more often 

Once you’ve done your part in gradually introducing them to standing up and then finally walking without any support, it is essential that they keep doing that. Never shelter your kid on their own instead let them explore and make sure you are there to hold them if they fall. 

When to see a doctor?

After trying for a while your kid still won’t walk properly or fall down a lot, visit a pediatrician and find out from them the reason behind that. 

Baby Walk
Baby Walk

Here were a few exercises and activities to encourage walking for your child. So, if you think you are prepared for your baby’s first steps make sure to stay calm and composed with them. All parents have a different style of teaching babies to walk and different methods work for different people. As parents, it is up to them to recognize the qualities and traits of their child and they will come in handy all through their lives. 

The first few steps of your baby can be extremely precious to watch, so remember to capture these moments. Every kid is unique, so, fret not if your little munchkin is taking a while to take his/her first step.

Savor every moment before they grow up!

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