Growing up is not easy, you start to care less about yourself and more about others. Our life situations mold us into a tougher being. We don’t know how to have fun and smile and enjoy our life. Growing up kills the inner child within us.

We start to live so intensely that we forget that there is a soft and fun child living within us. Wake up and realize that our inner child needs to take rebirth and it needs healing. Healing your inner child is very important for a cheerful and satisfying life. 

Inner child meaning

Top author and researcher Dr. Diana Raab highly believes in the concept of the presence of an inner child and says that “ Being in touch with the joys of childhood can be an excellent way of dealing with challenging times.”

Childhood is the best and the most carefree time of our life. Not knowing much and simply enjoying every moment was the motto. Our inner child lives in our unconscious mind and influences how we make our choices, respond to challenges, and live our lives. 

Healing your inner child: How?

With growing age, knowledge, and responsibilities we all have lost the inner child within us. It’s high time that we heal the little one residing inside us. Here are a few simple tips to heal the inner child of yours:

  • Loving yourself: As a child, we used to love it when our parents, relatives, or friends used to love us. Loving yourself is the first step to finding that inner child back. Tell your own self that I love you. When we love ourselves, we respect ourselves more and when we are happy, we radiate happiness.
  • Do what you used to like: Many of our habits go away with time. So many incidents of our life make us change our basic nature. It is very important to do those silly things again. Activities like bathroom singing, running to a specific point, going on the terrace to count stars, these activities are childish but play an important part in keeping your inner child alive. Do the silly things you like to do for fun, it will give you internal and external happiness.
Healing Your Inner Child
Healing Your Inner Child
  • Self-talk: It is very important to let your inner child talk. Let him hate, let him love, and let him express himself/herself. Talk to yourself in a real way and do not try to suppress that inner child in you. Let him/her out and you better listen.
  • Forgive: Some of us lose our inner child and become serious because of some incidents for which we are unable to forgive ourselves. Let it out and let it go. Its time to forgive yourself and be friends with your inner child again. Forgiveness lightens the heart and sets oneself free. So forgive and let go.
  • Appreciation: Appreciate yourself and give yourself confidence. Your inner child needs appreciation and needs to be encouraged. Never tell yourself that you are not good enough. You are the best and you do your best. Appreciating that inner child will keep you smiling always.
  • Be silly and laugh: Children are carefree and you have to become like that. So much knowledge in your head but it is of no use if you don’t laugh and enjoy. Its time to become child-like silly again. Stop letting your age stop you from doing silly things. Do every silly thing like eating candy-floss or riding a bicycle on a full-speed or playing an old-school game. These things will help you bring your inner child back. Laugh your lungs out and don’t care for anything or anyone.
Healing Your Inner Child
Healing Your Inner Child
  • Write a journal or letter: Write something to your inner child. A letter to self will help you a lot to connect with your inner child. Express in a free and fun way. If you will write to your inner child you will start to believe that he/she truly exists and is a part of you. Write that you want him to be happy and joyous again.

Meditation for inner child healing

Meditation is a practice that totally depends upon your body’s energy. It is proven that anybody can heal or function in a specific way through the way of meditation. It is a great way by which you can open yourself to answers.

It is very impactful on our physical and emotional health. Meditation is also a powerful way to heal your inner child. As a child, our experiences are different, some sweet and some sour, meditation helps in recollecting them all and not letting them affect you in older age.

It also helps to make you a happier soul. It will help you to take everything in a positive way. You can practice love-kindness meditation to send love to your child’s self. Meditation is the way to heal your inner child. 

Healing Your Inner Child
Healing Your Inner Child

Why is it important to heal your inner child?

Adulthood is hard and full of stress and responsibility. In this race, we forget to smile and live with joy. We all have an inner child within us who knows how to be playful and fun-loving. It is very important to get back in touch with your playful side. In a hateful world, we forget to enjoy the small things in life like our favorite ice cream sitting in the park or our favorite game or a fun time with our friends.

These little things make us love our life and we forget to cherish them. That is why it is very important to get in touch with your inner child if you have forgotten to. Fun and lightheartedness can help to rekindle the positive emotions of youth. Staying in tune with your inner child will lead to a more complete sense of self and boost confidence and emotions. Once you start to discover your inner child again, you will notice how happy you are and how happy are the people who are around you.

You will experience more love, joy, and peace. You will become more spontaneous and playful and you will know what all life has to offer with a great sense of wonder. So let your inner child breathe in the open air once again.

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