It’s finally October and the weather is getting cosier. This is also the season for pumpkins, dressing up and spooky things. While you are getting ready to go trick or treating this Halloween, we have got you covered with the best Halloween movie list that you can binge-watch or have a movie marathon night with your friends. So grab some popcorn and your favourite drinks for a Halloween movie night. 

We all remember how we used to love watching the classic Halloween movies on Disney Channel, while we deeply reminisce about those childhood moments, Netflix, Amazon and Disney Hotstar have some amazing Halloween movies that will make up for that. 

You can get yourself a subscription of any of these and we’ll recommend some of the best movies or series that you can watch 

Halloween Movies and TV Shows to Watch on Netflix

While movies like Hocus Pocus, Halloween town and A Nightmare before Christmas remain our favourite there are so many movies that you can enjoy this season. 

Netflix has a long line up of horror and thriller movies that are sure to send a chill down your spine. 

1. Hubie Halloween

 Hubie Halloween is one of the newest additions to Netflix that people are in with love recently. If you’re in the mood to watch one of the best Halloween movies on Netflix to have a good laugh then this one’s for you.

Hubie Halloween
Hubie Halloween

“Hubie’s not the most popular guy in Salem, but when Halloween turns truly spooky, this good-hearted scaredy -cat sets out to keep his town safe.”

2. Stranger Things

 If you’re in the mood to binge on a series, this one will be the best. Set in the 80’s, Stranger Things series begins with three young boys trying to find their missing friend and discover some dark secrets about their town.

Stranger Things
Stranger Things

3. Haunting Of Bly Manor

Another newest addition to Netflix, Haunting of Bly Manor is receiving a lot of good reviews by the viewers so if you want to watch a good horror movie, you should check this one out. 

“Dead doesn’t mean gone.” 

Haunting Of Bly Manor
Haunting Of Bly Manor

4. Paranormal Activity

These movies have been a favourite of many when it comes to spine-chilling horror movies. These are sure to make you check under your bed before sleeping or not getting up at night kind of scared. this is one of the best Halloween movies to watch.

5. The Shining

This movie is another classic when it comes to horror and thriller movies. Based on Stephen Kings’ bestselling psychological thriller novel; this movie will leave you scared to the bone. If you can’t get the time to read the novel, you can always watch its movie adaptation. Jack descends into madness and troubles his own family while they are in an abandoned hotel.

6. A Quiet Place

This chilling story is about the post-apocalyptic world and after a mass extinction. The cities are haunted by a creature that can hunt you down on the slightest sound you make. A family survives by communicating with each other using sign language and taking all the necessary precautions by staying quiet.

A Quiet Place
A Quiet Place

7. The Nun

This movie needs no introduction, abandon the nun in the conjuring movies; this one was an instant hit in the audience. If you missed this in the theatres or want to rewatch it you can do that on Netflix. The story is about Valak’s history-when a nun travels to an abandoned religious place and discovers a horrible secret. 

The Nun
The Nun

8. Hotel Transylvania

If you are not in the mood to be scared instead you want to have a good laugh, this one will definitely leave you amused. All the monsters from all over the world have gathered in Hotel Transylvania to celebrate their favourite time of the year- Halloween.

Dracula now has a dual role when he has to host the party of monsters and also protect his daughter from an uninvited suitor, who visits the hotel. No list for Halloween movies to watch would be completed without this film.

Halloween Movies and TV Shows to Watch on Amazon Prime

Given below are a list of best Halloween movies in order:

1. Harry Potter Series

When it’s autumn and as we slowly approach towards the sweater weather; Harry Potter movies are always the best choice of many. They will take you down the memory lane and leave you nostalgic.

Also, we cannot be old enough to not wish to go Hogwarts

2. IT

Pennywise the clown is back with its appearance in another movie. Based on the novel of Steven King with the same name, that made the readers fall in love with King’s writing; is now adapted in a movie. So if you missed IT chapter one, don’t forget to catch it this season and then continue with IT Chapter two.


3. The Conjuring

If you are looking for a good bone-chilling horror movie, The Conjuring is the best option; you can choose the one you want to watch as all the movie sequels are available on Amazon Prime. 

4. Annabelle

You get to decide, which one you want to watch from,  and or you can end up watching all of them. Based on the wretched doll from The Conjuring is sure to leave you biting your nails.


5. Orphan

A family takes an orphaned girl, after a miscarriage. They were instantly attached to her innocent personality. She was different from other kids but they had no idea about her past.

6. Pari

If you are in the mood to watch a desi horror movie, you should not miss this Pari, starring Anushka Sharma, which has allusions to Indian stories about ghosts, witches and demonsThis movie deals with the story of an abuse victim who is rescued by a man, he gradually discovers more about this woman as she bears him a child. 

7. Insidious

This is another popular movie that you can watch on Amazon Prime. A family moves into a new house and wishes to start a new life, but their son goes into a coma and there are many mysterious and supernatural occurrences around the house. 


There are so many other apps that have an amazing collection of horror movies that will keep you covered in this Halloween Season. This is the perfect time to get together with your loved ones and have an indoor Halloween party.