Imagine dressing up as Corona Virus for Halloween: entertaining, isn’t it? Say what you may, we think it is the spookiest Halloween costume in a specifically spooky year. Even if you are not stepping out and participating, just dressing up for the Halloween festivities is fun and then there are Zoom parties where you get to show off your exquisite make-up skills without sweating or smudging your make-up. Here are a few Halloween make-up ideas, that are creepy as well as ridiculously easy and there’s something for everybody. 

Halloween Make-Up Guide: the HBO series Euphoria edition

Halloween Makeup
Halloween Makeup

Remember when HBO introduced the world to the spunkiest teenagers with the spookiest makeup skills and every woman wished to dress up like them? Well, now is the time to be like the Euphoria girls without fearing being judged. I am sure Euphoria made the businesses of Jeffree Star and James Charles boom like never before.

The ‘Jules’ make-up tutorial

Why don’t you go meta this year by recreating Jules’ Halloween costume from Euphoria? It’s super easy and is all about red eyeshadow and lots and lots of glitter. Stock up well on glitters before actually venturing into the sea of red eyes. 

Fun fact: Her costume is actually a nod to Claire Danes in Romeo + Juliet. 

The ‘Maddy’ make-up tutorial

Another equally pleasant and cute look from Euphoria is Maddy’s. It is so pretty everybody would wish to recreate it year-round. And, it is one of the easiest looks you can achieve even if you are terrible with make-up. I mean, is there anything as spooky as holographic eyeshadow and rhinestone? Nope, there definitely isn’t. 

The fairy make-up tutorial

The best thing about this one is that it gives you enough opportunities to play around with splashes of colours in your palette, that you usually would not even dare to touch: neon green, vibrant purples (Can you even imagine stepping out in summer in those shades? So, make Halloween the excuse to beautify yourself in shades that you always thought you cannot pull off.)

The Joe Exotic make-up tutorial

Not the prettiest character to dress up as we agree, but it is definitely a humorous choice. Plus, it is super easy to pull off. It just requires mediocre contouring lessons and a skinny brush. Do not skip the mullet wig, by the way. The wig is the star of your look.

The Mughal-e-Azam make-up

Remember when Sonam Kapoor and her beau dressed up as the iconic characters from Mughal-e-Azam? Role-playing fictional characters are hands down the smartest look to go for if you want to stand out and look pretty.

Of course, you won’t look as pretty as Madhubala (because let’s face it, there is no one like her), but at least, you can pretend to be her for an evening.

The Unicorn make-up

Don’t we all wish to be unicorns: exquisitely beautiful and rare? Here’s your opportunity to be one. All you need is lots of unicorn dust, unicorn nail paint, a cone for your headgear and a white tank top. Go, rise and shine without stepping into the usual blood and guts. 

The Covid-19 make-up

Who would have thought we would witness a pandemic? Now that we have witnessed it let us commemorate that devil by dressing up as hand sanitizers. All you would require is a baggy t-shirt on which you can paint a Purell logo. It would be creative as well as would take away the burden of removing all those heavy faces and body make-up. 

The Freida Kahlo make-up

It never gets old, does it? I mean, who does not want to be Freida Kahlo? So, if you are looking for something classic, go for it (no matter how many times people have recreated it before.)

Reminisce Old Movie or TV Characters

Below are the old characters:

The Mia Wallace make-up

Have you always wanted to recreate the iconic Uma Thurman dance sequence from Pulp Fiction? Well, what are you waiting for? Master those moves and keep at hand a white shirt, bell-bottom black trousers, a cigar and a fringe wig. 

The Black Panther make-up

Is Black Panther your child’s favourite character? Does Chadwick Boseman’s unfortunate demise hurt your child? Well, you can always pay tribute to that iconic character, can’t you? We guess it would definitely be one of the best make-up ideas for Halloween. 

The Bulbbul make-up

The most memorable woman character in Hindi cinema this year, many women have felt her in their bones. Her power of mind and strength of will to fight against injustices meted out towards women and to save womanhood from the shackles of the men have undoubtedly inspired many.

Bulbbul is the woman, women worship. Dressing up as her in the silk of Banaras is not only a pretty thought but also upholds women empowerment.

The Portrait of a Lady on Fire make-up

The year 2020 saw one of the finest portrayals of forbidden lesbian love when Mubi released The Portrait of a Lady on Fire. While we all wished we could look as beautiful as Heloise in that green silk gown, you can borrow your Halloween make-up ideas from her mood boards in the film. In fact, if you want to look at the prettiest amongst your friends, I definitely suggest going for this one. 

The Sex Education make-up

Do you miss your girl gang? Can you count on them no matter what? Recreate the bus scene from Sex Education S02 with your gal pals. There is nothing more powerful than women supporting other women. Moreover, the costumes are simple and so are the make-up and hairdos.

How To Do Make-up For Halloween?

The year 2020 is not just any other year. It is different. The world has witnessed several fire outbreaks, a pandemic, economic depression and massive global warming. Make sure you take care of your immunity system and follow all the COVID-19 precautions. Use eco-friendly make-up and costumes so that you do not add to more global warming. Go easy and light on your Halloween costumes and make-up this year and make sure to recycle. 

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