As we step into the month of October, a feeling of warmth settles in, making us all ecstatic. October, Ah! What there’s to not like about this festive month, right? One of the most awaited events that fall in October is Halloween. If you are planning to style yourself up this Halloween, we have a treat for you! Are you looking for some of the best Halloween costumes for women? Keep on reading as we will be sharing some pretty fabulous Halloween costumes ideas. 

Best Halloween Costumes For Women

Should you stick to the conventional Halloween costumes ideas for women, or should you try something a bit quirky this year? This list of best female Halloween costumes that we have curated will help you decide. Here we go! 

1. Countess from the American Horror Story 

For all the ladies out there, who have a weakness for the horror genre, dive into the spoofy world this Halloween. Lady Gaga's Countess look is the ultimate mixture of classy and savage as a new age vampire. Why try this look? Well, you get to flaunt a fabulous red gown with a hot pair of red strappy heels- something that will be easily available. Coming to the hair section, we say go with your natural strands. But, the makeup and glove are a must to complete the Countess's look. Don't want to go for the silver glove? Cool, instead, you can try a net hand glove and style your nails with silver studded extensions.

2. Channel your inner jigsaw this Halloween

Movies like Hostel, Saw, Evil dead, Wrong turn give you the adrenaline rush? Out of the gore movie characters, we say, go for the jigsaw look. Why try this look? All you need is an all-black suit plus bow and complete the look with red lipstick & kohl. Here is an inspiration that we picked for you. 

Channel your inner jigsaw this Halloween
Channel your inner jigsaw this Halloween

3. The scarlet witch from the Marvel Universe

Scarlet witch is yet another one of the best female Halloween costumes. However, instead of going for the full-throttle scarlet witch look, we suggest you go for her look in Age of Ultron. Here's why scarlet witch can be the best pick for a Halloween party - It's simple and sexy!

The scarlet witch from the Marvel Universe
The scarlet witch from the Marvel Universe

The bonus point here is that you can rock this outfit in your regular outings as well and look badass. Here’s a full look of Scarlet witch that we have curated just for you. 

4. Embrace your inner kid with Misty from Pokemon

There won't be a single 90s kid who hasn't watched pokemon and dreamt of becoming a pokemon master. As a tribute, sport the Misty look this Halloween in 2022. Why go for this look? Well, this is one of those Halloween costumes ideas for women and easy to assemble. Yellow crop top, jeans shorts, suspender belt, and converse shoes are all you need to be Misty.

5. Suit up like the men in black this Halloween

Men in black, one of the iconic sci-fi/action films of all time, isn't it? Why choose this look? Well, it is the simplest form of Halloween costumes women can opt for. Black trousers, a white shirt, a black blazer, black shoes, and one black-tie (optional ;)) are all you need to be the next “woman in black” and fight against the alien invasions for the night. 

6. Babydoll from the movie Suckerpunch

Babydoll from the movie Suckerpunch
Babydoll from the movie Suckerpunch

The babydoll look is just the cutest yet has a badass factor in it.  Here’s a look that we feel you can rock this Halloween! Although the movie has a crazy lot of mixed reviews, there is a reason for putting her on the list. The character Babydoll, no matter how tough her situation is, always manages to keep her perceptions strong about what is wrong and right. A wake-up call we all need at some point. 

7. Spice things up as Sabrina Spellman

Growing up, most of us have spent our time reading Archie's comic books. Of all the characters, Sabrina Spellman always excited us the most with the teen drama combined with the magic spells. The Sabrina look is best suited for ladies with short hair. Why try the Sabrina Spellman look? Not only does Sabrina rocks the little black dresses flawlessly, she always has her eye makeup game on point. Apart from her strong fashion game, Sabrina has a firm moral compass, is an ardent believer in one's right to make their own choices. A strong-headed witch, indeed!

8. Nick Fury from Avengers: Your last-minute Halloween costumes for women pick

Don't feel like trying anything complex but still want to go out with a quirky outfit this coming Halloween? Well then, Nick fury is definitely the Halloween look you ought to sport.  All you have to have is a long black coat (preferably leather), a full black tee, black boots, black pants. But wait, that's not at all, to be a true Nick Fury, you got to have a black eye patch, uh-huh! 

Nick Fury from Avengers
Nick Fury from Avengers

Now, apart from the badass outfit, here's another reason why we put this look on our list. Nick Fury is someone who has strong decision-making skills, is a man of principles, and trusts his inner voice. If only we ladies could have these characteristics in us, right? 

9. The vengeful Kiddo Beatrix aka Black Mamba from Kill Bill

Kill Bill is one of the best works by Quentin Tarantino. If you haven't watched it, then you need to do it ASAP and get ready to have your mind blown. The character of Black mamba is quite inspiring for us ladies. After trying to assassinate her and killing her fiancée, Kiddo goes through kung fu training to avenge the death of her fiancee and her unborn child. Now now, this is just a snippet of her story; a lot happens throughout the movie. 

So, coming to the point, as a treat, here are two outfit options that you can try. We won't lie, but getting this costume may burn a hole in your pockets if you go for the yellow outfit. Not to mention, it will be tricky to wear it on regular days. But, point to be noted, you will surely stand out this Halloween if you go for this look. 

The vengeful Kiddo Beatrix
The vengeful Kiddo Beatrix 

Grab one from our list of best Halloween costumes for women 

So, these were the 9 Halloween costumes for women to try and be the talk of the town(in a good way ;)). Have a spooky yet sassy Halloween ahead. Cheers!

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