Wanting a perfectly shaped body is the dream of every girl out there. All of us would want to get rid of those extra fat on our bellies or thighs so that we can flaunt a perfect figure, wear the little dress we only hope would compliment our bodies the way it does for a Model. But do models have that perfect and firm physique or do they have access to really good editing software?

Reality or Illusion?

We have all longed for a chiseled and toned body with minimum fat and visible abs. The kind of body we drool over but the thought of achieving it seems next to impossible. We follow these lifestyle models and Instagram influencers and admire the perfect figure they maintain, the way they carry those high waist jeans around their tiny waists or the perfect round butts, the zero sizes they wear. 

And no wonder, we compare our bodies to theirs. And end up complaining about our pot bellies or thighs with cellulite, the stretch marks; while sitting on a couch, eating a cheese sandwich or a bucket full of ice cream; the whining never stops. 

Comparing Ourselves To Lifestyle Models

We go straight into a loop of self-loathing and procrastination; hating our bodies, our skin, our hair. Do we admire them or just envy their display of ripped figures and compare ourselves to a potato next to that? 

This frustration can further lead to depression or deprivation from happiness; it might make you feel less confident. But to be looking at someone else’s photograph and then indulging in a series of battles with your own self, the denial and dismay have increased in the past few years. 

Toned Body- Result Of Hard Work Or Editing?

Edited Photos

This is to remind you that whatever you explore on Instagram or twitter is not always true; the reality can sometimes differ and in many cases, it may drastically alter. A lot of Lifestyle Vloggers/ Influencers have been accused of editing their photographs to have a smaller tummy, a carved face with narrow jawline, big protruding eyes, skinnier legs and arms, even the curves on their hips can be a result of some retouching; it is a mirage of multiple layers of filters. 

Such is the reality behind their fit and firm bodies that are changed or manipulated to achieve the perfect ‘Beauty Standards’. There are various critics and viewers who debunk these Photoshop edits and failures like the smudged or blurred background evidently a result of some modifications. Some celebrities even pay the Paparazzi to edit their pictures.

A False Satisfaction

We, ourselves, raise the bar of these ‘Beauty Norms’ so high, that when we fail to reach it, we are unsatisfied. Let’s ask ourselves, “Why is a petite body more feminine or a fair face more attractive?” “Why do we feel that long legs and skinnier bodies are alluring?” “Why crave a flat belly or protruding hips to resemble the hourglass?” 

A variety of software available online to edit our photos; even the videos with manoeuvring figures; a projection of our mindset, where we think that altering the pictures on a virtual platform would be significant in the real world; a disclaimer of dissatisfaction.

Should We Blame The Editing Apps?

It is truly a wonder that apps have options like trimming the belly fat or slimming the waist down to make it look more thinner or leaner. Why would we add such features to make women all around the world detest their own bodies? All shapes and sizes are perfect and enticing. This is where we go wrong; promoting an unhealthy body structure, and prompting an unachievable physique, a skeleton-like figure.

Gym Toned Figure
Gym Toned Figure
  • Natural Beauty Should Be Promoted

To those of us who get inspired after looking at these photoshopped images and start to work harder and harder, spending hours in gym or fitness centers only to get disappointed at last and unsatisfied with the results leading to an unnecessary struggle. 

You are perfectly healthy and beautiful in your natural shape, without any filter, your dermis and body are flawless and laudable.

Not Everyone Edits Their Pictures – A Saga Of Extreme Hard Work

Spending Hours In Gym

Not everyone can be blamed or indicted for portraying a false image, displaying a fixed photograph; there are examples of people, working hard to achieve the body image that is required; the dainty, frail body meant to be showcased in a movie, a Corset like trimmed frame because they are a Movie or a Television star. 

They have Nutritionists, Dieticians, Trainers, a whole bunch of people working in the background to make them look presentable; to help them have a chumped belly and sliced sculpture. They are paid to maintain this physique and most importantly they take care of it, having a balanced diet with vitamins and supplements; they are handled by professionals. Of course, it takes time and effort and money; so they have to be appreciated for their determination and diligence. 

Diet And Exercise Should Go Hand In Hand

You cannot imagine getting a finely honed body without proper endeavor; you will fall sick and damage the body’s homeostasis. There have been reports among people suffering from eating disorders due to severe dieting and starvation, leading to amnesia and weakness. 

Imagine adding a pallid texture to your authentically flawless skin; “Why would you ruin it?” All of this because you believed in a wrong proposition, false and treacherous idea, resembling no way near to a human? 

High Beauty Standards- A Trap For Women

Photoshop Disaster

Sometimes these Photoshop or editing goes to an extent that the person becomes unrecognizable; like a Snapchat filter. We can never look like a Barbie doll, we have ribs and spine and a solid skeleton. In many Korean cultures, the girls are supposed to have smaller faces with big foreheads, large eyes and skinniest abdomens. Just have a look at their editing apps; it’s scary, the body these women are expected to achieve; the body goals they are supposed to fulfil. 

Things People Do To Achieve A Perfect Body

To add to this, women who are unsatisfied with their bodies undergo Botox and Laser treatments to get fat bums and curved belly, with a V-shaped jaw, they get rid of the extra fat on the arms or prefer silicon implantation to have bigger breasts. Is it essential to alter the whole persona to match some irrational expectations?

Photography Skills- A Secret To Aesthetic Photoshoot

Also, it is important to know that if you want to show off your inner model on Instagram; it is not all about editing, the photography skills matter as well, the way you pose can make your photo look different; for example wearing your hair down to make your face look smaller, or stretching your body to make it look ripped and tighter, adjusting the camera when shooting from a lower angle to make you look taller, even applying some makeup or contour; to define your facial structure. These are some of the tricks that are widely applied by many models and there is no harm in trying it if you feel this is your better version.

You Are Beautiful The Way You Are

You have to believe in your inner beauty and get rid of unnecessary assumptions. You are an individual and the best version of yourself possible. Work out daily, to achieve a healthy body and sane mental state not to resemble some other person because we are all uniquely different. Take care of that body, it is the most priceless possession in your quiver. 

Nourish it well and feed it properly with a good amount of exercise; stop stressing to fit in a dress or a body type. A little fat here or there or cheating a meal once in a while is alright. Photoshopped body images are unachievable in real life and the motivation should be to work hard on your body to keep it healthy. 

Flaunt that curve, you don’t have to be a Lifestyle Model to wear the dress you desire. Stop thinking that you are fat or skinny just because you don’t look similar to the woman on your TV. Take care of yourself, you are beautiful the way God has made you and don’t let anything change that. Keep being ‘You’; you are gorgeous naturally.