Most of us are now crazy about how Koreans care for their skin. K-beauty skincare steps claim to give you flawless skin that looks like porcelain. Yes, it's true! Their 10-step routine for taking care of their skin is a good way to get glowing, spotless skin. Even though the ten complicated steps can take a long time and getting this Korean beauty may not seem possible, you will see how good they are once you start.

Taking the time to do these steps will pay off in the end, and you won't be sorry you did. Want to know how to do it? This article discusses the top 10 Korean beauty secrets you can use day and night to get the perfect look. Keep reading! 

K-beauty Skincare Steps 

1. Oil Cleanser 

The Koreans have a highly holistic approach to their skincare routine; they believe in treating their skin tenderly, and one of the ways that they achieve this is by using a twofold cleansing method. Since it is common knowledge that oil and water push against one another, beginning with a water-based cleanser is not the best choice because it will not eliminate oil-based contaminants from the skin.

Using this oil cleanser, you can ensure that your skin is clean and free of sunscreen, makeup, and the natural sebum produced by the body. Increase blood flow to your face by gently massaging it in a circular motion for two to three minutes. This will assist the cells in carrying out their functions more closely.

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2. Foam Cleanser 

Use a foaming or waterproof cleanser after the oil cleanser to eliminate the dirt, sweat, and chemicals that have built up. There are many amazing K-beauty skincare brands for foam cleansers. Together, the cleansers clean the skin very well. However, foaming cleansers are known to dry out and strip the skin because they have a high pH and sulphate value. In their 10-step skincare routine, Koreans always say to use a natural cleanser that is gentle, hydrating, low pH, and is made from water. 

3. Exfoliation


Exfoliation is the following stage in this skincare routine, and it is the one that will immediately give you effects such as skin that is baby-soft and smooth. You should be familiar with the physical and chemical exfoliators available. Sugar scrubs, washing clothes, and peeling gels are just a few products that fall under "physical exfoliators."

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4. Toners 

The toners used in K-Beauty skincare are very different from those used in the West. They are milder and gentler, and after cleansing and exfoliating, they add the first layer of moisture. Korean toners are not drying or full of alcohol. Instead, they are made to keep your skin's pH level in check. By soaking the skin in water, the ingredients get deeper into the skin. In plain English, these wonderful products get your skin ready for the next steps in your 10-step routine.

5. Essence 

The essence provides an abundance of hydration to the skin and is a step that can only be found in the K-beauty skincare routine. The skin is similar to a sponge in appearance. When it is dry, it loses its ability to absorb, but if you hydrate it by letting it sit in a bowl of water, it will perform much more efficiently since it has been adequately hydrated.

This is because it has been appropriately saturated with water. In a similar fashion, using essence as the first step in your Korean beauty routine will enhance the skin's capacity to absorb all of the benefits offered by the subsequent steps in the procedure.

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6. Serum 

Serums have a high concentration of active ingredients that target and treat skin problems like dark spots, wrinkles, dullness, and uneven skin tone. An ampoule is like a serum that is more concentrated.

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8. Sheet Masks 

Sheet masks are designed to perform two primary functions: the first is to saturate your skin with water, and the second is to produce a barrier that will both protect your skin and allow other products to revitalize it more effectively. The sheet masks from K-beauty skincare brands, typically saturated with essence, stop the product from evaporating and enable it to penetrate your skin. This is because the sheet mask acts as a barrier. Sheet masks provide the skin with an abundant amount of hydration, help to clear up marks, and give the skin the glow that it needs. 

9. Eye Cream 

Eye creams have active ingredients that help to moisturize and seal the skin around the eyes, which is a very sensitive area. In the K-Beauty skincare routine, eye cream is used before moisturizer so that the sensitive area around the eyes is taken care of first. 

10. Moisturizer 

The practice of moisturizing provides the skin with the water it needs to be properly hydrated, which is why Koreans are so devoted to it. Because many moisturizers contain occlusives, they should be applied to the skin virtually at the very end of the process, after other products have been applied, such as essences, serums, and oils. These are the components that, when applied to the surface of the skin, produce a hydrophobic film, also known as a seal, by producing a very thin coating of oil that prevents water from evaporating. 

11. SPF



During the day, you should always wear sunscreen, even if you are not going anywhere. Mineral sunscreens, which are also called "physical" sunscreens, have two minerals in them: titanium dioxide and zinc dioxide. Chemical sunscreen, on the other hand, has more minerals in it and works in a different way. Mineral sunscreens block UV rays, while chemical sunscreens take in UV rays, turn them into heat, and stop more damage. 


The K-beauty skincare routine is becoming more and more popular around the world because it is known for keeping the skin hydrated and giving it a natural glow. The first step of the routine is to wash your face with water. This removes any dirt or grime on your skin and prepares it for the next steps.

Each part of your skincare routine—the toner, essence, serum, eye cream, ampoule, and moisturizer—is important for keeping your skin hydrated, slowing aging, and preventing sunburns, acne, and other skin problems. Even though the ten-step process might not always seem possible, if you go through each step with love and patience, you will see results after some time has gone by.

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