Are you the one belonging to over scrubbing genre?? Are you the one who wants to be seen picture perfect before the wedding night and end up with a messy look, not knowing what to do?? If yes, then you are the one out of that throng whom we are here to help! It’s not that none of us know how to go about face exfoliation, just that we need to understand face exfoliation process completely first. According to a renowned dermatologist Avnee Shah, -“A large number of people hold the honorary membership of the scrubber’s club!

If you have a reddened face and a rough, peeled off texture of your skin, then you are not going well with it. While you see your rash and red face, you may feel like it’s fine. It may seem like your face is showing progressive results. But honestly, all that it signifies is the fact that you need to slow down! “So, here we are with some of the real time suggestions about face exfoliation to ease it out for all our readers! 

Definition of Face Exfoliation

Exfoliation refers to a skin hydration technique in which the dead and unnecessary uppermost skin layers are removed off. Having removed this, it helps in making you look fairer. It gives you a clear skin. Also, it opens up your pores, so that, skincare products you use seep down deep in your skin. It is a boon for ladies who feel their skin lustre is lacking with age. It is because as we age, skin layer turnover lowers, hence making one look really dull. 

Types of Exfoliation

Mechanical exfoliation: In this procedure, a face scrub may be directly used to get rid of dead skin cells. Also, a clarisonic brush may be put to good use for the same. 

Chemical exfoliation: In this procedure, the active ingredients are alpha or beta hydroxy acids. These come in many forms, to quote some are salicylic acid face wash, or face peel pad with glycolic acid. To choose your personal best method, you need to research well on the kind of skin you have as well as the one you find suitable for use. 

Face Exfoliation and it’s Frequency

To understand the frequency at which you should go for getting face exfoliation done, memorize a rule-‘less is more’. You have to understand the fact that rubbing off your face to redness is not the solution, but just catalyzing the natural exfoliation process is. The goal is just to have a shiny face. The answer to the exfoliation frequency is the fact that it should suit your skin type. 

Here we enlist three skin types, and it’s needs:

Sensitive skin type: You should go extra smooth with it. The exfoliation tool can be a warm, wet kind of washcloth. It can also be a medium chemical exfoliant which consists of the least active ingredients. It can be done two times a week at the maximum to fetch desired results. If your scrub has got granules like beady parts in between then you should say a clear no it owing to this skin type. All it does is agitate the skin type. 

Oily skin type: For the ones who possess an oily skin type, your face can deal with a little lot more. It can deal with exfoliation more than 4 times a week. You can go on with a range of cleansing tools which are inclusive of clarisonic in the morning time. While by night time, you can go for using a serum. 

Types of Exfoliation
Types of Exfoliation

When not to Exfoliate?

If you are the one who has chronic acne issues, then exfoliation is the worst you can do to ruin your face! Such people have an inflamed skin type already, and if they agitate it further, it only worsens. Also, it may leave scars which can become permanent in nature known as hyperpigmentation. It especially happens to those who have a deeper skin tone. 

So, these were some facts as well as suggestions about face exfoliation. Hope it helps all our readers! We will be back with more such helpful articles soon. 

Stay beautiful 💛

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