Ghee is truly the fragrance of India. Since the ancestral times, ghee has been the part of every household of India. Since childhood, we are made to consume ghee in one form or the other. Desi ghee as per our traditional culture is an elixir for a healthy body, skin, and hair. Ghee benefits are endless and we must value that. But the new generation seems to be forgetting what a wonder desi ghee is. So to enlighten them with ghee benefits here we have compiled all the goodness that ghee has.

Nutritional Facts of Ghee

Ghee is a more refined form of butter. The clarification process of butter that becomes ghee is believed to be a healthier product as it eliminates all the impurities. Ghee consists of fat-soluble vitamins that aid weight loss. Ghee has a generous amount of Vitamin A, E and K. It also contains plenty of omega 3 fatty acids which are good for a healthy being. Ghee is also rich in proteins and minerals.

Health Benefits of Ghee

Ghee benefits our body health in numerous ways:

  • Ghee benefits for digestive system: Ghee consumption means a healthier gut. Ghee makes our digestive system strong by efficiently digesting the food we eat. It fastens the digestion in the body which will also help with weight loss.
  • Immunity booster: Ghee is super effective in boosting our body’s immunity to fight diseases. It is rich in Butyric Acid which helps the body to produce T cells that help to fight various diseases. Ghee is hence very effective in increasing the body’s immunity if consumed regularly.
  • Ghee benefits for Bone strength: Consuming ghee can effectively increase bone strength. Ghee is rich in Vitamin K which is very essential for optimal absorption of calcium in the body. Hence, not only calcium-rich foods but Vitamin K rich foods are equally important. Ghee can effectively prevent tooth decay and the problem of atherosclerosis.
  • Thyroid problems: The thyroid gland is responsible for hormonal balance in the body. Ghee is very helpful in balancing the hormones in the body and is good for thyroid patients as well.
  • Menstrual problem and PMS: In older times when medicines were not so developed, women used to rely on a spoonful of ghee during periods. Taking a spoonful of ghee made their periods smooth, cramp-free, and they felt more active. Ghee balances hormones and helps with problems like irregular periods or heavy periods.
  • Ghee Benefits for Intestine Health: Abdominal problems are not only related to the stomach, sometimes the problem lies in the intestine too. It makes the intestine walls smooth and increases its functionality. This is also helpful with the constipation problem. Intestine health is also equally important in maintaining a good digestive tract.
Health Benefits of Ghee
Health Benefits of Ghee
  • Good for heart: Ghee has been infamously known for increasing cholesterol levels. But the truth is that ghee is a better option for heart patients than any other refined oil. Though it must be consumed in a decent quantity. Ghee if consumed daily in small quantity can effectively decrease bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol. Hence, making the heart healthier.
  • Cough and tonsils: Cough and tonsil is a common problem we all go through. Our elders never took medicines for it. They used to massage the tonsil with warm ghee which was super effective. Ghee is very helpful with coughing problems and tonsils.

Ghee for skin

Not only for internal health, but ghee is also great for skin and beauty. Here is how:

  • Moisturizes face: Some people have super dry skin especially in winters. Not to worry, ghee is there for the rescue. Ghee is an intense natural moisturizer. It will make tour chappy skin, baby smooth. It not only deeply moisturizes but also increases the elasticity and heals cracks of the skin. There cannot be a better moisturizer than ghee. If you ask your grandmothers, they only used a few drops of ghee on their faces and their skin is super shiny.
  • Skin brightening: Ghee can brighten your skin if consumed and applied daily. Those highlighters can only give you a temporary glow but a spoonful of ghee will make your skin shine like a new bride. This is a secret of older times when ghee was the reason of women shinning without makeup.
Ghee for skin
Ghee for skin
  • Anti-aging properties: Instead of investing heavy money on night cream and serums, start applying 4-5 drops of ghee every night on your clean face. You will notice the visible difference and your wrinkles and the fine line will just vanish. Ghee is the best anti-aging cream gifted by nature. Why does it the chemical way when you can do it the organic way?
  • Chappy lips: Chappy and cracked lips are a painful problem of many during winters. Applying a single drop of ghee on your lips will do the trick. If you apply ghee on your lips regularly, it will make the lips moisturized and pink. Apply ghee for overnight on your lips and enjoy kissable lips the next morning.

Ghee for Hair

Ghee being the all-rounder is great for beautiful hair quality as well. Here is how:

  • Deep conditioner: Ghee has super moisturizing property. It deeply conditions the hair, making git all smooth and silky. Applying ghee regularly on the scalp and length of the hair makes hair super soft and shiny. It heals damaged hair and also cures it of pollution and dust. Ghee is great for hair. Our grandmother only applies ghee on their hair and did nothing else for hair care and you will see that they have the best hair any girl would ever dream of.
Ghee for Hair
Ghee for Hair
  • Fights split ends: Ghee when applied on the hair ends will counter the problem of split ends. Split ends make our hair unhealthy and frizzy. Ghee is very helpful in curing the problem of split ends.
  • Stimulates hair growth: Ayurvedic rely greatly on ghee for all the hair problems. Ghee makes the hair denser and voluminous. It effectively helps with the problem of baldness by stimulating hair growth.

Ghee for Pregnant Women

Ghee is very helpful in inducing natural labor in the ninth month of pregnancy. Having a spoonful of ghee every day in the ninth month will not only begin labor but will also increase the chances of normal delivery. Our ancestors adopted this remedy and it proved to be very effective. Ghee is the best thing to swear by while in the ninth month of pregnancy. 

So stop making faces on while looking at ghee. Do not be disgusted while consuming ghee. It is super healthy for everyone to consume. So get your can of ghee today.

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