We always like to munch while working in the office, watching a movie, or simply filling up those midnight cravings. We usually grab on a bag of chips or popcorn or candies and whatever unhealthy junk we find.

Not cool right!

We should not eat that stuff instead we need a healthier snack to munch. Makhanas or the fox nuts is the way to do it. Fox nuts are the best option for munching. They are nice, crispy, and good for the tummy. There is no better option when it comes to mini bites than makhana or fox nuts.

Benefits of Fox Nuts

Fox nuts aren’t just a snack but are super healthy too. Here we have compiled all the makhana benefits:

  • Healthy heart: Makhana is high in magnesium and low in sodium which is great for a healthy heart. These puffed nuts also keep your blood pressure in check to make sure your heart stays fit and fine. With a healthy level of magnesium, makhanas regulate the right amount of sodium, potassium, and calcium in the blood which will improve your heart health.
  • Anti-aging properties: Yes, makhanas are rich with anti-aging properties. Makhanas have certain enzymes that help to repair your damaged proteins. The healthy nutritional value of makhana helps to fix and preserve the impaired cells on your skin which slows down the aging process. Adding makhana in your diet will help you look younger naturally.
  • Anti-inflammatory properties: Makhanas help in controlling, reducing, and preventing inflammation in the body. Natural flavonoids in these nuts are loaded with antioxidants which further helps to lower the inflammation levels.
  • Aids insomnia: Taking just a handful of makhana every day can cure all of your sleep issues. Not just for insomnia, makhanas also manages your stress-related problems due to nerve-stimulating properties in it.
  • Helpful with infertility: Interestingly, makhanas are great for infertility especially in women. It strengthens the uterus lining in women and increases the quality and quantity of sperms in men. Ayurveda highly believes in makhana for treating infertility and erectile dysfunction.
  • Bone strength: Makhanas are rich in calcium, therefore makes the bones healthier, especially in elderly ages. They are quite beneficial in treating osteoporosis or other joint pains. Ayurveda highly relies on makhana for treating problems like arthritis.
  • Spleen cleansing: Spleen helps to filter our blood by removing dead blood cells. Makhana is the best agent to clean the spleen. As a result, it strengthens the immune system.

Makhana for Weight Loss

Makhana is one of the best foods for weight loss and weight management. As approved by the best nutritionists, makhanas are not just great for fat-free snacking but come with a package of health benefits too:

  • Calories in makhana: Makhanas are low in calories therefore great for weight loss. 50gms of makhana have just 180 calories with zero saturated fat or sodium. Since makhanas are less in calories, they are quite in demand for weight loss diet.
  • Increases metabolism rate: Higher metabolism means rapid weight loss. Makhana is the best way to increase your metabolism rate. It has a detoxifying effect on your liver which ensures complete digestion of the food you intake. If your digestive system is strong, it will ensure rapid weight loss.
  • Healthy munching: Unhealthy munching between meals is a major cause of unhealthy weight gain. Makhanas are the best replacement of that unhealthy snacking. Whenever you are hungry for mini-bites go for makhana. It is the best way to healthy munching which will not give you unhealthy weight gain and is also super-nutritious.

How to Eat Makhana?

There are so many ways to eat makhanas. Here we have some suggestions for you:

  • Simple roasted: Makhana can be eaten like popcorns. Simple dry roast your makhana in a pan or microwave. You can add a spoonful of butter or ghee if you wish to. To add a little twist sprinkle some rock-salt or chaat masala if you like.
Benefits of Fox Nuts
Benefits of Fox Nuts
  • Kheer: Makhana kheer is a twisted kheer invented in Indian households. Just add makhanas to a bowl of hot milk. Add sugar as per taste. It is a complete meal for breakfast or evening snack. It is also suitable for fasting days.
Benefits of Fox Nuts
Benefits of Fox Nuts
  • Flavored makhanas: Makhanas are now available in different flavors in the market. You can also make a difference at home too. There is a wide range of makhana flavors like pudina, tandoori, Italian seasoning, bar-be-que, etc.
  • Makhana raita: Just like vegetable or pineapple raita, you can make makhana raita too. Adding makhana to the yogurt along with your favorite spices will give you delicious makhana raita that is super healthy. It is a must-try recipe.
Benefits of Fox Nuts
Benefits of Fox Nuts

Makhana Side Effects and Precautions

Though makhanas are super healthy for consumption, it can cause some side-effects to certain people. One must take these precautions to avoid side-effects:

  • Allergies: Some people are allergic to makhana. If you develop any allergy after eating, you must consult a doctor. And surely makhanas are not for you.
  • Blood-sugar level: Ideally, the makhanas probe to lower your blood sugar level. If a person is already on insulin, then makhana consumption must be regulated to ensure drop-in the blood-sugar levels. So you must be cautious with makhana intake as it lowers your blood sugar level.
  • Digestive issues: Some individuals tend to develop constipation, flatulence, and bloating after consuming makhana. Keep a check on any of these problems and adjust your makhana consumption accordingly.

It is advisable to consume up to 30gms of makhana each day to enjoy makhana health benefits. It is the best snacking option one could ever find. So never let your pantry run our of makhanas. 

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