Former US President Calls Women The Best Administrators

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Isha Surabhi
An English majors graduate, former editor to two magazines, former Senior Content Writer to DU Times and a dedicated litterateur, for whom writing is the most aesthetic form of expression!

Barack Obama-a name that reverberates and will continue to echo in the history of the United States. A man with judicious decisions, honest ideas, strong statesmanship and what not! Time and again he has been in the headlines even after his presidential tenure, for his strong words. And this time he has voiced his words about women being the best leaders! 

The aforementioned incident took place on Monday when Obama was invited for a guest lecture at a private event. He was quoted saying “Women don’t have perfection, but they hold indisputably better leadership quality than men”.

He further added-” I have absolute confidence in the fact that if all the nations on earth were administered by women for around 2 years span, we would find absolute significant changes in everything around, whether it be living standards or outcomes. “

Having had something so strong quoted by one of the biggest developed nations around the world isn’t a small thing. Also, owing to the judiciousness he holds, one can definitely rely on his sayings. If he has quoted that, there must be some sort of substantial detailing in it. 

When asked about his political career further, he said-“I am 58 already and I have no plans of returning back to active politics as old men too often get on the way of development “.

Adding further on this he said “If you run your eyes around yourself, you will surely find that most of the problems are because of the old people. “

“It’s imperative for political men to understand the fact that they are not there for a lifetime, and that it’s just for their tenure, and hence work.”

Well, it’s not the first time that Obama has offered his wise views over something that concerns people on a macro level and when it comes to feminine empowerment, he always stands on the foreground. 

Back then in his tenure, every time he was seen mentioning how imperative his wife’s support was to make him ‘The Obama’ that he is today! He was always all praising about Michelle, the former First Lady of the US! According to him-“If she wouldn’t have held me and if she wouldn’t have raised my daughters with values; it would have been impossible for me to stand this strong”.

Also, as we take a gist of the life of former US President’s daughters, we see him walking the talk exactly! 

His daughters were seen to be working on their own in small organizations, which had caught the media, and hence audience in utter amazement! Being a President, he could have got them hired at any good MNC with one single call from White House, but paradoxically he chose to have them learn things on their own. Right from fetching a job, to choosing their professions, he never became instrumental in imposition. 

Having such people at a zenith like a pedestal, one sees a ray of hope that yes one-day women will be given their due respect, they will be known and recognized for their specialties! 

To conclude it up, all one can say is-” We women and our qualities are something that world needs and the world will be a scintillating place to dwell in once people have come to terms with this fact’s acceptance !!! “ And President Obama is a live instance to all those men who think feminism is women-centric, it’s not it never will be! It’s a precedent that Presidents like him set for all men out there who think conservativeness and not encouragement is the ultimate way to lead the world forth. 

Feel proud of being a woman! 💫💚

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