How often do you get to hear about best hotels for a mother daughter , away from everybody else? None of us can get enough time to do that with our busy schedules. If you feel that you’ve not been able to connect with your mother on an emotional level for a while now, it’s probably time for a much-needed vacation, just for the two of you. However, when you plan on vacations, one of the main things that you need to consider is hotels. Especially, if it’s two pretty “young” ladies traveling alone. Also, having the hotel vetted will put the men in your life at ease, especially, an overprotective father.  Ah the drama of family holidays!!

Safe hotels for women traveling alone are hard to find. However, the United States does have some of the best hotels for a mother-daughter getaway. As far as a mother-daughter getaway is concerned, you would want to spend time in a safe and secured place, instead of constantly looking behind your shoulders and guarding your bags. 

Going on a staycation or a weekend trip with your best girlfriend- mummy dearest- can be both liberating and enlightening. This can prove to be a turning point in your relationship. Away from everyone else, you can share some intimate moments and get to know each other so much better. A luxurious holiday with some self-pampering is all you need and we’re here with a list of best hotels for women wiki that can be the perfect place for your little alone time with your mother.  Are you excited to know more? Read along to find out the best hotels for a mother-daughter getaway! 

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Best Safe Hotels For A Mother-Daughter
Best Safe Hotels For A Mother-Daughter

Best & Safe Hotels For A Mother-Daughter Getaway

The best hotels for a mother-daughter duo to spend some time are given below:

1. The Lodge at Sonoma Renaissance Resort & Spa At Sonoma 

Looking to some relaxing time while sipping on some delicate wine. Well, then a trip to the wine county of North California is what you need. This is one of the best US hotels for women traveling alone. 

Not only would you be able to enjoy some quality time with some of the finest quality liquor but you would also have a scope of visiting the picturesque locations nearby during your stay. If you’re looking for a short but fulfilling experience, Sonoma should definitely be on your list. 

2. Allegretto Vineyard Resort At Paso Robles

Certainly one of the best hotels for a mother-daughter getaway, this one’s a great choice if you want to spend a few days lazing by the pool and tasting some amazing wine. The vineyards are always a good option for holidaying and this belongs to safe hotels for women traveling alone, given the four stars features. 

This place is going to be your chill-out zone with your mother and also your fur babies if you want to bring them along. Hotels that allow pets are automatically better than the others and we wouldn’t mind spending a couple of days there. 

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3. 86 Cannon Historic Inn At Charleston

An adults-only hotel tucked in the middle of the city is surely one of the best hotels for a mother-daughter getaway. This hotel has the feel of a villa and is perfect for spending a luxurious weekend, idling around and catching up with your mother, accompanied by some delicious food, and self-pampering sessions as well. 

Definitely, the perfect place to rewind and reflect on things that have been bothering you. Such places are suitable for clearing up your mind before you’re back to the grind. 

4. Hotel Californian At Santa Barbara

Love the song, we are sure you will love the namesake hotel as well?

Best Safe Hotels For A Mother-Daughter
Best Safe Hotels For A Mother-Daughter

If you both are beach babes, then this is the place to be. It is one of the most beautiful sea locations for a mother-daughter duo, perfect for deep conversations by the beach while sipping on some cool tropical cocktails. 

It’s a Spanish Colonial hotel/resort that’s known for its wonderful spa treatments, sumptuous food, and gorgeous view. How about an afternoon of heartfelt interactions, followed by a soothing spa?  Sounds unreal, right? You’ve got to check out this place, even if you’re from California and haven’t got the chance to experience it. 

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5. The Guesthouse Hotel At Chicago 

Do you want to go to a mother-daughter getaway but also don’t want to miss the feeling of home? We’ve got just the perfect place for you to visit. This one’s a boutique hotel that allows guests to experience life at home away from their homes, with suites that have comfortable living rooms, spacious balconies, and pretty kitchens as well. 

A delight for mothers, right? You would have the most comfortable time with your mother, away from everything, but with no major change. There’s something about the hotel that makes it one of a kind and it has also won awards. 

6. Whitney Hotel, Boston

This is situated in the Beacon Hill neighborhood and surely falls under the best US hotels for women traveling alone. Staying at this hotel would make you and your mother feel like absolute royalty. 

One of the best parts about opting for this one is, most of the places that need to be explored in Boston, are located pretty close by, given its convenient address. If you want to feel like a mother-daughter duo that’s straight out of a Netflix show, this should surely be on your bucket list. 

7. The High Line Hotel At New York 

We have to talk about NYC as far as the best hotels for a mother-daughter getaway are concerned. You can have heart-to-heart conversations with a hot cup of coffee from the indie coffee house inside. 

You should explore the stunning courtyard for sure and click some gram-worthy pictures with your mother. This is one of the best hotels for women in NYC and is perfect for a laid-back fulfilling stay. The cherry on the cake? The hotel is pet-friendly and you can take your four-legged baby along as well. 


You might not always realize how important it is to spend some quality time with your mother to make her feel loved and wanted. Parents need pampering and care after a certain point in their lives and it’s up to us to give them the time they deserve. 

Going on a getaway with your mother at least once a year isn’t too much of an effort if you truly want to be there for her. We have mentioned some of the best hotels for a mother-daughter getaway or a vacation in the US above and we hope you’d find your best match among these. 

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