Your maternal instincts are kicking in lately more than ever?? My friend, you are ready to have a child and start a family of your own with your partner. Read this completely to get some tips regarding how you can get pregnant faster and successfully. 

Ways To Get Pregnant Faster

We have curated some of the best tips that will help you to get pregnant faster. Let's get started

1. A Must Preconception Check Up

The foremost thing to do if you are trying to conceive is to consult with your doctor so that the conception goes smoothly. Prenatal vitamins are necessary for expecting mothers. Consult with your doctor about taking folic acid. Folic acid is a must even before you try to get pregnant and important during pregnancy as well. One of the reasons is that it averts numerous birth defects such as Spina bifida. Other than this, check-up of both the expecting parents is important to find out and deal with any underlying medical issues such as thalassemia.

2. Stay Stress-Free

Studies have shown that stressed-out women are most likely to have lower chances of getting pregnant. This is due to the production of an enzyme, alpha-amylase in the saliva which reduces the fertility of women. So, if you are trying for a baby, my advice for you is Say No To Stress, any kind of stress, physical or mental. 

3. Eat Healthy

If you are trying to conceive now, then you probably have been advised by almost everyone about how and why eating properly is important. This is a tip everyone knows for a successful pregnancy. Consuming a balanced diet is of utmost importance in the preconception stage. This is because the health condition of the mother has a direct impact on the growing fetus. 

Moreover, overweight women who conceive are more prone to develop gestational diabetes and high blood pressure at a later period. And underweight mothers are most likely to give birth to babies with small structures. The expectant father should as well check and maintain his diet until the conception is successful. 

4. Sleep Plenty

Expecting mothers should sleep at least 8 hours a night. Why sleep is important? I’ll tell you why. Irregular sleep releases hormones which disrupts your menstrual cycle which will affect your ovulation. According to a study, it has been found that women who get less sleep than the average time are seen to produce 20% less FSH or follicle-stimulating-hormone which contributes in the process of conception.

5. Avoid Smoking

Now, this is applicable in the case of both the partners. Smoking decreases the chances of conception as it reduces fertility in both men and women. Anyway, smoking is not good for the health so if you smoke regularly or even sometimes, now it will be a good time to say goodbye to cigarettes.

6. Avoid Alcohol

Both the partners have to abstain from drinking alcohol heavy or light if you’re trying to get pregnant. It is said that alcohol reduces the sex drive of men and affects sperm motility. The exact reason is not yet discovered about why alcohol is harmful but it is strongly advised against it.

7. Have Sex Before Ovulation

Having sex during the times when you are the most fertile also plays some role in conceiving a baby. So, when is a woman most fertile? Four to five days before you start ovulating is said to be the period when you are most fertile. So, keep track of your cycles carefully. 

8. Exercise

Regular exercise is important as it boosts the fertility of women. But this doesn’t mean you need to carry out heavy workouts. This will do the opposite and you know already that being stressed out physically is not an option in this situation. 

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The best advice is to consult with your doctor regarding how much exercise is necessary for you and then find a good trainer who will guide you regarding the exercises.

9. Enjoy

Now, this is also as important as any of the other points. You are trying to bring a new life into this world. There’s nothing more beautiful than getting the chance to become parents. So, have fun with your partner, share some quality times, try to avoid arguments and stay happy, be a romantic and make love. 

Pregnant Faster
Pregnant Faster

As you can see, trying to conceive means you have to be responsible and very careful. But in the process, don’t forget to feel contented and enjoy this wonderful phase of your life. It is more like a transition phase for couples from being individuals to being parents. Follow these easy ways to get pregnant faster.

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