Just out from the nail salon with a fresh set of shiny, new nails? Wouldn’t it be annoying if a nail were to break out of nowhere? Well, this terrible incident happens to many people almost regularly. This can be devastating if you had just gotten a fresh set of those expensive nails. If going back to the salon to get it fixed feels like too expensive a deal for you, we’ve got you covered. Nail breaks are a common occurrence in the lives of people dealing with long nails.

Ways to Fix A Broken Nail

A nail break can be as small as a simple nail split and can be a really big painful nail tragedy. The following are some methods you can employ to fix your broken nail at home easily and safely:

1. Glue it

Yes, sometimes your broken nail can be fixed just by putting some glue on it. If your nail is just split and not broken off all the way, you can try on some nail glue to do its thing. You just have to simply apply a fast-drying glue on your nail with just one coat or maybe two. After it is dry, proceed to add clear nail polish to hold the glue and nail crack together until your next nail appointment.

 Broken Nail
 Broken Nail

2. Use Tea-bag

This is the most mind-blowing hack up to date to fix a broken nail. Clip your broken nail close to the fingertip. Using any filer gently file any snags to avoid any pain. Then trim a tea bag in a small patch so as to cover your nail. Apply the trimmed patch of the tea bag to the nail split and place it gently. Coat it over with one or two coats of clear nail polish to hold the split intact. However, this method requires a very frequent coating of nail paints in 2-3 days so that the tea bag can hold the nail strongly.

3. Time for Some Fake Nails

If you have a really bad broken nail such that you have no other option but to wait for it to grow out, you can consider applying a fake nail to it. Apply any of your favorite adhesive nail sets over the broken nail. This will give the broken nail underneath time to grow healthy and strong. Meanwhile, you get to flaunt these new nails without having to worry about your broken nail at all!

4. Match it

If your nail is broken at the edge of your nail bed, you can consider cutting it off completely. Try and match the length of your other fingernails to this nail. And there, it is fixed and looks so new! This is the easiest, cheapest way to get your broken nail to grow and to look good too. Throw on some nail polish of your choice to make them look pretty like you want.

How To Take Care Of Your Nails

Taking care of your nails is a difficult task. Your nails are always exposed to pollution, harsh soaps everything that you touch, and every product that you use. This can make your nails weak and susceptible to breakage often. There are some methods you can employ to keep your nails fresh, strong, and unbreakable (well, not if you want to break them), but mostly they won’t be as tender as they are ordinarily.

  1. Always keep your nails tidy and clean so that they are healthy and not easily broken.
  2. Avoid too much exposure to water. Moisture from water can cause nails to become weak and fragile. Long exposure to water can cause the skin around the nail to become soft too. Overexposure to moisture can also include activities like washing dishes, hands or repeatedly using nail polish.
  3. Do not pick or bite your nails. Many people tend to do this habitually. This can cause stress in the nail and cause a nail split or broken nail caused by you.
  4. Always use a moisturizer on your nails to keep them moist and soft, because they are repeatedly exposed to pollution and harsh products.
  5. You can also invest in some nail hardening products available in the market.
  6. You can take supplements for better health of your nails. For example, the supplement biotin nourishes your nails and makes them strong.

These are some habits and methods to swear by for fixing a broken nail and maintaining better, healthy nails.

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