We women love to pamper ourselves, don’t we? Going to the salon and getting our hair dyed, or getting a nice hair spa, skin treatments nail enhancements, and whatnot make us feel pretty and beautiful. Some of us even take care of ourselves by using home hacks which saves us bucks. But then again, the feeling that you get when someone does everything for you and you just sit back and relax. There’s nothing like it? Is there? Also, working women and full-time moms seldom get enough time to take care of themselves. 

Things to Check Before Opting for Your Salon

So, thinking about getting a manicure and pedicure done at a salon? If you have chosen a salon, look out for these signs at the salon and if it is applicable, DO NOT GO TO THAT SALON!

1. Licensed Salon

Make sure that the salon has a license to give you the service to make your hands and toes pretty. It is mandatory that they hang the certification so that every customer is able to see it. Licensed salon means they have highly qualified employees and are well-equipped to serve their customers. NO LICENSE, NO MANI-PEDI!! You don’t want to take a risk and ruin your nails, do you?

2. Well Maintained

If you notice that there is a lack of hygiene in the salon, that’s a signal for you to walk through the door and run away from that salon. If the employees are not cleaning the stations with disinfectants after every client, not changing the towels, and the pedicure tubs look not so clean, then avoid this kind of salon. 

Hygiene is of utmost importance. You don’t want to suffer from any skin disorders do you that too after paying to get your nails done. Also, note that the tools that they will be using should be UV-sterilized after every use. The employees should be wearing masks and gloves while they give you the mani-pedi. If gloves are not being used, it is necessary that the employee uses hand sanitizer of medical grade.

Another factor you should notice is after walking into the salon, do you get the smell of strong chemicals? This is another sign that the salon has not been maintained well. Such salons where there is a constant use of chemicals should have proper air conditioning and ventilation.  

3. Quality Products

You should observe the products and the containers as well from where they are using for your mani-pedi. If the containers or bottles look disheveled, then it is highly possible they have not changed the containers and god knows which brand’s products are being used for you. 

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They may try to cut their expenses by purchasing low-quality products that are not at all good for your nails and skin. Never ever compromise with your skin or nails with low-quality products. 

4. Using the Right file for Nails

It is mandatory that a new file is used for every client for maintenance of hygiene. Apart from being hygienic, it is equally important that the staff uses the appropriate file for your nails. Always files with fine-grit should be used rather than files with coarse grit. The use of a generic file is not acceptable. The common type of file may damage your nails and possibly hurt you.  


According to Kandalec, you can check the type of file being used on your nails by listening to the sound that it makes while your nails are being filed. The ultra-fine grit files always make a high pitched sound when used while the coarse ones make a deeper sound which is unpleasant to hear.

Filing the right way is also important otherwise it will lead to microscopic splits on your nails which are not pretty. Filing Should Be Done From The Outer Corners Moving Towards The Middle Of Your Nails. 

So, ladies check out for these factors when you visit the nail salon. At the present moment, where all of us check for reviews for everything, so do check your salon’s reviews and ratings. After that, I would recommend visiting the salon and check out the place by yourself. Because BETTER TO BE SAFE THAN SORRY.

Our hands and toes never get a single day off, so take care of them!♥

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