Create A Great First Impression At Workplace

‘A first impression is the last impression’ as they say! And true it is, a first impression is significant and especially in a new job it is valuable. Your resume was one first impression which hooked the employer and made them call you for the interview. The personal interview was the second ‘first impression’ wherewith your skills and knowledge, and you make them finalize on appointing you only. And the third ‘first impression’ would be on your first day at work! 

Do you want to create a great first impression at workplace on your first day? Check out these tips that would help you. Make sure to avoid the mistakes typically associated with the beginning of a new job.

Tips for Creating Superb Impression At Workplace

In this article we have jotted down some great points that will help you to create amazing impression at workplace

1. Carry a Positive Attitude

A positive attitude is everything; nothing else works better than this. Concentrate on radiating excitement and energy at the workplace for the new professional opportunity will surely leave a good impression in the organization. 

2. Dress Professionally

Good impression also comes from good dressing sense and professionalism for the workplace. One should never underestimate the power of an appropriate dress on the first day at work. The way one dresses for work can impact first impressions extensively. When it comes to professional clothing, there are three main options: business professional, business casual, and casual. The dress code varies from workplace to workplace. The best way to decide what to wear to create a good first impression at workplace is to observe around you and ask yourself contemplating the look. 

3. Ask for Help When Stuck

No one at an organization expects a newcomer to know everything. As such, they are always open to helping the person to get the hang of things and responsibilities in the first few days. If you are stuck at anything, ask questions or ask for help when required. Always keep in mind that it is best to ask for clarification and guidance before spending time completing a task the wrong way. Communicate with colleagues about tasks, enquire about the process of achieving them, and seek advice from supervisors and managers.

4. Take Notes and Attend Orientation

Always take notes on the first day of work, understand the system and rules of the new office, and attend orientation sessions. Orientation sessions will extensively help you to understand the basics of the responsibilities and the workplace. Always attend all training sessions in the workplace you are directed to. It will help you in the new job, and the participants will also highlight your attention and excitement towards the new role and will help with your first impression at workplace

Impression At Workplace
Impression At Workplace

5. Explore the New Employer/Organization

One should indeed do their homework well before the interview process, but let us face it, no one can learn everything about the new employer in a day. Explore and learn more about the organization in the first few days of joining, use the time to learn more when you are inside a part of an organization. Lay hands on an employee handbook, attend training sessions in the workplace, study office reports, and brush up your knowledge about the office.

6. Arrive early and Leave Late

Be on time for a great first impression at workplace on your first day at work, perhaps even soon, and stay a little late at work. On the first days, plan to be at work a little bit longer than the regular eight-hour workday. Once you understand the basics and office culture, you will be able to shift working hours accordingly. This will help you to build up a good attendance record.

7. Avoid Gossip and Office Politics

A workplace can be full of gossip, and it definitely will be! Your task is to stay away from it and never indulge in the chatter- not only on the first day but not on any day should you indulge in office gossip and politics. Indulging in gossip and rumors will do nothing to create a good first impression.

8. Keep Minimal Personal Business

Studies reflect that every person in office conducts at least one bit of time on personal business, like checking emails, making reservations, texting, taking calls, or shopping online. The goal on the first day at work is to keep your work to a minimum and stay focused on office work, especially on the first day at work. If you need to take a particular call, step away from your desk when you call.

Impression At Workplace
Impression At Workplace

9. Listening to More Than Talking

The first day of work should be 90% listening only and 10% talking of total time. Too much talking will portray you as an office know-it-all, which is not the image you want to have. Contribute to the work, training sessions in the workplace, but do more listening and absorbing rather than talking in the first days to create a great first impression at workplace.

10. Show Appreciation

Appreciation is always right, and appreciating someone who helps you in a task is best! It’s essential to express gratitude at work for the help that colleagues give you. Always show appreciation to every person who helps you to learn about the job during the initial days at the workplace.

The first day at work is challenging as well as exciting. Make sure you are not stressed out on the first day at workplace- relax, communicate, and the assigned tasks. These would help you to create a pleasant and lasting ‘first impression’ at the workplace.

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