Many people go gaga dreaming about a fireplace. Their essence, the unique sophisticated glam it adds to the room, and about all such extra benefits of owning a fireplace.

The prime role of a fireplace comes into action in the winter nights. It is a lifesaver when it is freezing outside. No one can wait to get inside the house and enjoy that warm and cozy atmosphere. Can you? Do you also dream to have one? Do you want to change the appearance of the room? Binge some minutes with this article and we will be providing you with some amazingly easy fireplace makeover ideas which will also come under your budget.

Best Low Cost Fireplace Makeover Ideas

Let’s learn some best fireplace makeover ideas

1. Duh! Paint it

Give a new color to the place. Painting the outer structure is one of the easy fireplace makeover ideas you can ever think of. Usually, with time the color and luster of the fireplace fade away. But you can always solve this. Giving a new color to the fireplace will be like giving a new life to it. Do remember that the paint you will be using for the fireplace should be heat-resistant.

To color the firewalls, you have to use the basics like the primer and sealers. You can even paint the whole room along with the fireplace. You can either choose the color of your own or for your help, here are some color suggestions. 

  • Black or Brown

To give a new and fresh look to the fireplace, all you need to do is renovate the firewall. Color the firewall black or dark brown. It will give a gorgeous look to the whole room. Black or dark brown does have an “antiquey” look too. It will not cost more than you expect. 

All you need to spend are the labor charge and the cost of the paint. And if you decide to paint it yourself, you can deduct the labor charge too. That’s all you need to do to have a brand new look on your fireplace. 

  • Creamy touch

Paint the bricks cream color. Cream color brings a mild warm feeling to the place. It is very classy. This color is extremely sweet in nature. If you want to have a calm feeling then this color is the best.

2. Make a new frame

What does your fireplace look like? If it has a plain simple outer surface that you can decorate with some iron frames, then why don’t you design the frames of your own choice? Do something out of the box, paint them with some contrasting colors to that of the wall. Doing so will brighten up the frame and will also make it stand out. Frames can be made of steel, iron or wood. Unique design with popping out color will be quite eye-catching. 

3. Put a safety net

Do you have kids or pets? If yes, putting a net will solve the problem of worrying about it. It will work as a safety net. They will also add a fine finishing touch to the fireplace. This is one of the cheapest and efficient fireplace makeover ideas. It will also make the entire area look neat and clean. Put handles in whichever side is convenient for you. 

4. Home decor

Home decor is the best helping hand. If you have absolutely no idea what to do with your fireplace, then home decor will definitely save you. Plan according to the room and buy some beautiful decorative items. Put those selected items near it. Hang a few pictures of your family above the fireplace. Put some flower vases, or idols, or even huge decorative candles. These items will surely bring elegance to the room. 

5. Brick firewall makeover ideas

There are a whole lot of ideas for brick firewall makeover ideas. This falls under the easy and cheap category of fireplace makeover ideas. 

  • Red Brick

Red bricks give a rough and tough look to the firewall. It gives a feeling of old British homes in India, an amazing look without any proper finishing. Red bricks have warm and welcoming nature 

  • Whitewash The Firewall

Tired of red bricks wall? Is it like red bricks have too much red in it? Or do you want very small change on the red firewall and do not want to spend much on it. Here is another option to do so. Simply whitewash the walls and your work here is done. Whitewashing the firewall gives a soft warm invitation.

  • Colored Brick

Do you already have red bricks? If yes, give color to the bricks without plastering the Firewall. It is another way of renovating the fireplace. Doing so will light up the whole room. 

  • Faux Brick Wall

Do you have a simple plain firewall? Do you wish to have a complete makeover of your fireplace? Here’s an easy idea. Buy some faux brick online or offline. It is very easily available in the market. Faux brick is a replica of real brick. It is basically made of polyurethane. It can be used instead of real brick. This product is a real money saver. You will find it in various colors, shapes, and sizes. 

6. Stone Fireplace Makeover

If you are looking for some easy fireplace makeover ideas, then you can wholeheartedly go for this. Stone fireplace makeover is going to be a great investment. It is a durable and everlasting design. It never goes out of style. You don’t need to use any color or any home decors to make it look good. 

The stone itself has its own beauty and has a gracious outlook. Since you are using stones, you should know that Granite is the best stone for a fireplace as it is very hard and has a high resistance to heat. But cleaning the fireplace is a bit messy. You have to clean the stones with some cleaning enzymes with a brush. Using clothes instead of a brush might hurt your hand. 

Electric Fireplace Makeover Ideas

In place of an actual fireplace, you can also enjoy its substitute. The electric fireplace is as efficient as the real fireplace. Like the above-mentioned tips, electric fireplace makeover can also be done with those ideas since it is a mimic of the fireplace. An electric fireplace is actually an electric heater in the shape of a fireplace. 

Fireplace Makeover Ideas
Fireplace Makeover Ideas

Least you can do is paint the outer covering. Use the colors black or brown to give an actual fireplace look. You can also put some wall stickers on it. You can use stickers of metallic or woody outlook. This is another cheapest idea for a fireplace makeover. 

There are various fireplace makeover ideas. But among all of them, these are some of the pocket-friendly and easy fireplace makeover ideas specially selected for you.

We hope the article served you the best.

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