Having proper dental care is exceptionally important for your mouth to be away from cavities, gingivitis and other kinds of gum problems and germs. Brushing is the most important part of our day and it acts as a starter for the day. Not brushing is a not so pleasant idea, due to which your mouth will stink and your teeth will stay full of germs and food you ate last night. 

However, sometimes it’s not possible to brush, like, have you ever stayed at someone’s place and found out you don’t have your toothbrush in the morning? Well, it sounds horrible because you obviously don’t want to borrow someone else’s toothbrush, that’s even gross!

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So, what can we do in this situation? Well, a lot of things yet one common thing that gets into the mind is finger brushing! What is finger brushing, how to do finger brushing and is finger brushing even effective? All your questions will be answered in this article. Continue reading to find out! 

What is Finger Brushing? 

In many cultures, people rub their teeth with herbal powders with their fingers to clean and keep them healthy and strong. However, no studies have shown their effectiveness or drawbacks. Finger brushing can be referred to as brushing your teeth using your fingers with toothpaste or other dental products. You can use your index finger to rub the teeth by moving them back and forth and cleaning them. 

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What is Finger Brush? 

You can clean your teeth with the help of a finger brush too! What is finger brush? Well, A finger brush is made with non-toxic silicone materials which are used to remove food particles from the oral cavity. A finger brush is particularly used for babies. It can be an effective way to clean your baby’s teeth without hurting their soft and sensitive gums. However, you can use it for cleaning your teeth if you don’t have a toothbrush available. Just put some toothpaste on the finger brush and gently clean your teeth. 

Finger Brush
Finger Brush

Using a finger brush is an effective way of cleaning a baby’s mouth before they have teeth. You can use a finger brush to clean your baby’s gums for removing milk and food particles stuck inside the gums. You can use a finger brush to clean your baby’s gums by simply wiping all around the gums and making sure you hey under the lip region to help reduce the bacteria build-up. A finger brush is an amazing tool for cleaning baby’s (but only if your baby isn’t cranky about it).

How to Finger Brush the Right Way? 

Finger brushing shouldn’t be a habit, you should always finger brush when needed or when you can’t find your toothbrush. Finger brushing cannot be very effective but a good option if you do not have a brush. Brushing is still the best option for cleaning your teeth.

To effectively clean your teeth, you might want to follow these steps: 

  • Wash your hands properly with soap and water.
  • Before you start finger brushing if you have floss, it’s better to use it before. It will help in removing plaque and other food particles from your teeth.
  • Place a strip of toothpaste on your finger.
  • In a circular motion start brushing back and forth around your tooth. Make sure you are brushing above your gum line.
  • Rinse your mouth with water.

Is Finger Brushing Effective? 

Finger Brush
Finger Brush

Well, finger brushing is better than not brushing at all. And by that, we mean you should use this method only when you need it. Finger brushing with mere water won’t be effective at all. Using toothpaste with finger brushing can help freshen your breath and reduce plaque and germs on the teeth. However, this method isn’t as effective as actually brushing your teeth. 

If you think you can borrow someone else’s toothbrush, that would be the last thing you should think of because you can catch their germs and on top of that you may get a cold or flu by brushing with someone else’s toothbrush. 

Don’t think of using someone else’s toothbrush, not even of your intimate partners’! So, next time, do not forget your toothbrush while packing for a sleepover! 

What are the Other Alternatives for Brushing? 

Don’t have a brush? No problem! Apart from finger brushing, there are various methods to clean your teeth without needing a toothbrush but as said earlier they won’t be as effective as regular brushing so don’t make them a habit! Here are some other ways of cleaning your teeth without needing a toothbrush: 

1. Use a Washcloth 

The texture of washcloth can be a decent tooth cleaner when the toothbrush isn’t available. Make sure the washcloth is perfectly clean and washed. You can also use a paper towel. Wrap the washcloth around your finger with toothpaste and gently clean. 

2. Use a Mouthwash or Mouth Rinse 

Mouthwashes are effective in removing germs and other dental problems (but only if used with brushing). If your mouthwash has fluoride and designed to kill germs, you can use it in the place of a toothbrush. 

Finger Brush
Finger Brush

3. Baking Soda

Baking soda is an amazing ingredient which is used in many kinds of toothpaste too! It can whiten the teeth and can remove plaque. Just place some baking soda on your finger after cleaning or a paper towel and clean your teeth. 

4. Floss 

Floss is an awesome tool for getting rid of bacteria and other food particles from inside your oral cavity. Use a scented floss so you have a fresh breath. 


5. Teeth Wipes 

There are many teeth wipes available on the market with which you’ll be able to clean and freshen up your teeth by just wiping your teeth. 

6. Oil Pulling 

Oil pulling refers to wagging oil around your mouth like a mouthwash. Oil pulling is most commonly done with coconut oil which may reduce bacteria in your mouth. 

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This was all about finger brushing, what is finger brush and some alternatives to finger brushing! Make sure you don’t make a habit of not brushing as these methods aren’t so effective in cleaning your teeth. 

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