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Shiny White Teeth: 6 Amazing Home Remedies

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Everyone wants shiny, white teeth, don’t they? Teeth usually stain because the enamel tends to wear away due to age, stains from food and beverages (like tea, coffee, wine, soda, and so on), gum disease, etc. Many people want to have their teeth whitened, but it’s not always possible or financially feasible to have them done professionally, or maybe you just can’t fit it into your schedule. If you’d rather do them at home, there are ways! There are quite a few tried and tested home remedies for teeth-whitening out there. Try them out to see if they work for you.

1) Hydrogen Peroxide & Baking Soda

Baking soda is a well-known ingredient in stain-removals, and it should work on your teeth too for white teeth. It’s also an ingredient found in many toothpastes. It will help to gently scrub the stains from your teeth, as well as resist bacteria-growth. Stir in two tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide (or just water) with a spoon of baking soda. Mix into a paste and try to brush with it on a regular basis. If you’re conscientious about it, you should see results pretty soon. Hydrogen peroxide does increase tooth sensitivity however, so you might want to switch out that with water, or just limit its use.

2) Strawberries for white teeth

Who knew something so tasty could also be so useful. The acid and texture of strawberries makes them ideal as natural teeth-whiteners. It’s effective for quick stain-removal. You can mash them into a pulp and add some baking soda, then spread it onto your teeth and leave it there for about five minutes. Wash it off afterwards, and try to apply it at least twice a week to get better results. However, due to the highly acidic nature of the fruit, it’s also advisable to brush your teeth with fluoride-free toothpaste immediately after you wash off the strawberry paste, to be in the clear. 

3) Apple cider vinegar

An old stand-by when it comes to teeth-whitening, apple cider vinegar is highly acidic and can make your teeth look the most professionally cleaned. Just dip your brush into the vinegar and brush away. However, a word of warning: this can be quite a powerful agent on your teeth, and it might strip away the enamel so don’t use it too frequently. Brush with fluoride-free toothpaste afterward.

4) Calcium

Dietary changes are just as important as actually using whitening products. Calcium is an important part of tooth enamel, so load up on the milk and cheese and your teeth will not just be stronger, they’re also be whiter. If you generally avoid dairy or just don’t consume too many milk products, but you’re serious about getting your teeth whitened, you might want to start reintroducing it into your diet.

White Teeth - 5725

5) Bananas

Interestingly enough, banana peel is a good tooth-whitener. It contains a lot of vitamins and minerals that keep your teeth healthy, and it doesn’t contain acids. Peel the bananas and rub the inside of the peel on your teeth, then follow up with some toothpaste. This is quite a safe method so you can use it often.

6) Coconut oil 

Coconut oil is quite indispensable; we use it for our skin and our hair, and we can use it for our teeth too. It’s stain-removal properties along with lauric acid (to deal with bacteria), can be added into your toothpaste so you can brush with it. Or, if you can handle it, you can swish some in your mouth for about five minutes. If you really can’t stand the taste, consider adding some peppermint leaves and brush with the mixture. It’s safe to use as frequently as you’d like.

Although teeth-whitening is a health issue and should really be seen by a professional, if you have no choice you can go for any of these white teeth tips. However, always be careful and make sure your teeth are healthy enough and you have no extreme issues before you decide to go for a DIY solution. Stick to your normal brushing and flossing as well, and keep in mind that yellow teeth aren’t the sign of unhealthy teeth, just a sign of change. Everyone ages, and we just have to accept it, but natural remedies are a good fallback. 

Team VOW We aim to create a difference in the life of girls and women!

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